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I want… The Orb

This puts a whole new spin on the “One Ring to Rule Them All”

ORB 01

ORB 02

Big kudos to IFLS for the initial share of this beautiful piece of work. You may have seen it already but do you know the details?

The prototype of this ring was originally released in 2010. It is a Bluetooth ring with a scrolling display, built in microphone, and simply twists between ring and earpiece. Apparently it is also noise-cancelling and water-proof.

It pisses all over EG Dad’s Pebble watch.


And it is not yet available. But I want one!

It seems like the company Hybratech has gone awfully quiet over the last 3 years, with no further word on development or release dates. In fact, I can’t even connect to their website anymore! Pity – It is a beautiful piece of technology and would be a very sexy item for the EG Mum Collection.

However, I tend to agree with some critics who believe the company have hit a funding snag. Maybe they need to check out Kickstarter as well.

Could you imagine how awesome this ring would be?!?

Imagine the ease with which I could ignore answer phone calls! How quickly I can check messages from minions around the world. How sexy it looks as a ring on my hand, and then I simply twist to make my ransom calls to World Leaders everywhere!

Oh the beauty!

But alas – not available as yet. And EG Dad has imposed a rule of one project at a time (which I’ve already broken  4 times this week). So we’ll just have to wait.

And tolerate EG Dad bragging about his Pebble. Again.

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