EG Parent Award #60 – Physics

Sometimes the best examples of evil genius can come directly from your siblings. And we all know where they picked it up from (I’m looking at you, EG Grandma).

This week’s Award recipient (sidenote: can you really call yourselves winners? Sure, why the hell not!) … okay, the winner is not a parent. However, they have truly exhibited all the elements of evil genius that makes me sniff with such pride.

Image from Facebook Page

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Ties in perfectly with our last Forensic Friday post as well. See, being an Evil Genius is educational as well. Found this one through the Facebook page, but if anyone knows the original author tell them to contact me.

For more examples of sibling love genius, check out previous posts like One Sibling At A Time and also the previous winner EG Parent Award #50.

If you’re looking for updates on my recent trip to PAX Aus, stay tuned. I’ll have a three-part review coming up on GeekMom real soon.

EG Parent Award #59 – My Lil’ Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner. Seriously. It’s like Saturday. This Saturday.

If you haven’t organised yourself yet, you’re kind of in trouble. Or super-relaxed. In which case, I like your style.

Pumpkin carving, however, is one of those Halloweeny things you really should have thought of earlier. Because now you’re tight on time. And out of ideas. And stressing over whether the crappy idea you have scavenged from the interwebs is going to be a ‘nailed it’ nightmare for your spawnlings, ruining yet another holiday memory you so desperately were trying to create.

*sigh* Chill. I got this. There are a whole stack of stencils available online for you to start with.

For example, the official Pokemon website has provided free stencils of some of their scariest monsters, including Meowth, Duskull, Gengar, Pikachu, Sableye, and Zubaat. Sweet little score.

If you’re spawnlings are a little more Minecraft crazy, then remove the pumpkin from their heads and show them how to carve this awesome creeper instead. Details can be found with Hudson Visual.

Photo from Hudson Visual

Photo from Hudson Visual

Of course, jack-o-lanterns aren’t supposed to be too cute or popular. I also like this Cthulhu carving – simplistic in its glory. Full credit to Tony Gambone for his photo of this beauty.   Cthulhu Pumpkin

But the winner of this week’s EG Parent Award blows all the other pumpkins away. In light of the latest Star Wars trailer and because this minion included instructions (so very helpful), I give you “That’s no Pumpkin… Death Star!”

Photo courtesy of Fantasy Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Fantasy Pumpkins

Full instructions for the Death Star are found here, however you could very easily be distracted by all of their other marvels – TARDIS; Anger (from Inside Out); Dragons; you name it. It’s awesome.

Congrats to Noel Dickover at Fantasy Pumpkins. Absolutely love your work.

EG Parent Award #58 – It’s Just a Patch

A little while ago, I came across an awesome woman, Rebecca Millar from Geek Grrls. A humble mum in Australia, who is studying and working while being … well, an awesome mum.


Photo courtesy Geek Grrls (Facebook Page)

At first, I shared her Facebook Page, aimed purely at her ability to transform the most horrid of Bratz or Monster High dolls in to beautiful offerings to many SF/F goddesses.

BTW: This project started out from the frustration in the lack of female dolls in geeky merchandise. An ongoing issue that is gradually changing as seen in the new DC Superhero Girls series. Gradual change.

But did Rebecca stop there? Hell no.

Recently her daughter has been diagnosed with a ‘lazy eye’; treatment being a patch over one eye during day (to encourage the lazy one to get its act together).

As with most young spawnlings, Rebecca’s daughter wasn’t exactly thrilled on this idea. Not in the slightest.

So Rebecca appealed to her daughter’s geeky-interests. “You get to be Nick Fury!!”


And then her daughter said, Mum gets to be an Avenger too!!

nick fury patch

Photos courtesy Geek Grrls (Facebook Page)

How awesome is this?!? Cosplay to help medical treatment AND the love between parent and spawnling to share the cosplay!!

You, my dear lady, are an awesome parent. Evil Genius Parent – for finding a way to encourage the medical treatment, and encouraging your daughter to include you in her fun. Double points.

EG Parent Award #57

Cosplay. I love it. The Spawnlings love it. And I would be lying if I didn’t say I was totally surprised by the enthusiasm of EG Dad when he expressed how much he loves it.

Tho15003-Best-Part-Of-Being-Over-40ugh, in hindsight – I shouldn’t have been surprised. This is the guy who turned up at the cinema with EG Bell (his sister) dressed as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. For the premiere of Independence Day at the movies.

Yes, they completely embarrassed their friends. Yes, they had a great time. No, there are no photos (it was even before me).

But tonight’s award is not about EG Dad. That would be a tad unfair and ‘un-sportsman-like’, considering the outrageous advantage he has over all of you (NB: Me).

Tonight’s award is for another parent. A parent who not only supports her spawnling in their quest for cosplay fandom, but is happy to take upon the role of “prop holder” and “lesser-known movie character”. A parent who understands the need for simplicity to be able to afford the support for the family. A parent who has no problem hearing “your daughter looks great, but who are you? … Who? … Never heard of them” because THEY KNOW THEIR GEEKDOM, YOU TRY-HARD!!


On your left is Jen. Doesn’t she look awesome! For the uninitiated, Jen is cosplaying Arrietty from the Miyazaki film of The Secret World of Arrietty (based on the book The Borrowers).

On your right, is her spawnling and spawnling’s friend, cosplaying Kiki and Tonbo – from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Apparently, everyone knew who THEY were. But poor Jen was asked all the time. Seriously? Sure, it was a smaller convention, outside of your usual big cities – but damn! Jen’s outfit is spot on.

Yes, given the other two looked pretty good too… but still!

The thing is, Jen was telling me about how much fun the spawnlings had making the costumes (as did Jen). It was a real opportunity to shop around, fine-tune their creativity and learn some new skills. As with anything, there is always one particular item that is really hard to get, but totally makes the cosplay that when you find it – you can’t stop pointing it out. In this case, it was Kiki’s red radio. Complete with song to play whenever they felt like it. THAT is the personal touch that I love.

So Jen – you are this week’s EG Parent Award recipient. And may you find many more reasons to push your spawnling into the limelight (and hopefully embarrass them along the way).

Bring out your cosplay!! It’s time we started looking at cosplay inspiration again! Share your ideas, and any cool tips you learnt along the way!

EGP Award #56 – Parenting Blindfolded

Today I evoked the utmost empathy from a fellow parent:
11709583_850391171708825_8079491538036555676_nLet’s just take a step back though. Let me paint you a picture.

I hate shopping. I hate all kinds of shopping. Grocery shopping. Clothes shopping (the worst). Gift shopping. Souvenir shopping. Anything to do with shopping. In theory, I should be unbelievably wealthy – but there’s a little thing called online shopping which keeps the spawnlings at bay, and our bank accounts empty. *Go back in your corner, LEGO*

But I also love food. Chocolate particularly. And we had none in the Lair. Absolutely none. Bloody travesty, right there.

So I made the mistake of ducking into the local shopping centre with Zaltu to pick up some goodies. Especially since Sinister had just competed in his first Eisteddfod, and Nefarious has avoided making fellow classmates cry for the last 2 weeks – rewarding with food seemed totally legit.

Except for the damn shopping centre. When you are a regular adult minion, you walk around the standard shopping centre and see it like this:

  • haMJsNotice the clear pathways between shops.
  • Notice the direct routes you can take from carpark to whichever merchant has attracted your attention today.
  • See the politely placed “floating vendors” along the walkways.
  • Even the food court seems neatly balanced, with space to mosey-on around at your leisure.

This seems in theory to be a beautiful laid-out shopping centre, specifically designed for your shopping pleasure.


This is what it really looks like to any parent with young children:

Map 2 Do you see those bright red stars on the map?

They are “Shopping Centre Rides”.

Or at least, that is their ‘polite name’.

I prefer to call these “Shopping Centre Landmines”, strategically placed around shopping centres to attract young children and elicit the most epic of melt-downs. And just when you think you have avoided the Peppa Pig Space Shuttle – BAM! There’s Thomas the Tank Engine with his creepy smile and alluring whistle. Damn, I hate those guys.

Today’s culprit was the Hot Wheels car outside Woolworths (picking up chocolate, remember?). I had put it off as we walked in, but ended up caving to Zaltu’s demands on the way out. Don’t judge me – it’s not like YOU have never negotiated with terrorists. images

Don’t get me wrong – I’m as tight as a Fish when it comes to money at the moment (read: family escape holiday soon), so I didn’t put any money in it. That didn’t help – she was transfixed. And this one was smart.

Normally, if it has a screen the screen will show part of the ride and then flick to a title shot before looping back again. But not this one. This was on a continuous loop, with no clear break – the car on the screen just kept driving around the damn track. And when I said time to go, Zaltu merely asked to stay to watch the finish.

But the damn thing never finishes. NEVER.

I ended up picking her up (and the groceries) and hauling her cute terror butt out of the ride towards the lifts.

At which point this sweet dad gave me the “I understand” look. And glanced down to his matching 2yo spawnling.


And that, my minions, is how you beat the damn Shopping Centre at their vicious game.

EG Parent Award #54 – Honourary

Tonight’s award is not for parenting. In fact, this guy’s work is definitely not to be read aloud in front of the spawnlings, let alone at work.

But if the story of his method is true, it is – to use an Australian colloquialism – “bloody genius”.

Over the weekend, Australia had a few protests across the nation under the banner of Reclaim Australia. 

Personally, I don’t understand the point of racism – or sexism, or homophobia or anything else. It’s a waste of energy trying to hide your own fears and ignorance behind anger. Especially when you’re all going to be my minions, and I couldn’t care less what religion or race or gender you are. So long as you bring me chocolate and tea when I command you.

This “Reclaim Australia” group are simply a bunch of racist hate-mongerers who were trying to stir up fear, especially over the Easter weekend. In most cases, there were organised oppositional protests in the same places – and they did not play well together.

But one guy – Jeremy. He is The Dude.

I have no idea if the story of his method is true, but the results are definitely genuine … And hilarious.

Jeremy somehow hacked the Official Reclaim Australia Twitter Account. 

Urban legend has it that he convinced one of the organisers he was a huge supporter and wanted to be the biggest help by promoting them in social media. And they gave him the account access and password.

In preparation for the protest – we’ve given some of our activists access to this account to live tweet. first up – Jeremy

That, that right there says a lot about the thoughts of people who resort to fear and hate as their modus operandi.

Even if not true, Jeremy did gain control of their official twitter account – you can see this clearly in the twitter feed history, press release and newspaper articles

But then Jeremy started doing this:

@ReclaimAus: I hope every1 who is retweetin ma idea 2 give @ASRC1 & @RACSaustralia $10 each is donatin- lemme know if u hav

Many of his other tweets are hilarious in pointing out their racist views, although quite crass in the language.

Despite the lack of any evidence as to whether Jeremy is a parent, I must applaud his subterfuge and genius.