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EG Parent Award #54 – Honourary

Tonight’s award is not for parenting. In fact, this guy’s work is definitely not to be read aloud in front of the spawnlings, let alone at work. But if the story of his method is true, it is – to use an Australian colloquialism – “bloody genius”. Over the weekend, […]

EG Parent Award #53

Ohhhh… it has been awhile. But there is nothing like April Fools Day to bring out the Evil Genius in us all. I like it even better when you can combine April Fools Day with Easter. Previous years have included the Infamous Green Easter Egg Hunt, and last year was […]

EG Parent Award #52

I’m sitting here watching Zaltu eat her lunch with Aquaman’s Trident. Yes, I did give her a fork. But why on Earth would she want a mere fork, when she can use Aquaman’s Trident? Which of course led to me googling Batman Cutlery. Because why would you settle for Aquaman’s […]

EGP Award #49

Has it really been that long? Have my plans for world domination really distracted me from the blog? Appears to be the case. Dang. Well, anyways. I’ve been a little focussed on discipline. The school holidays were particularly insightful – if you call realising how evil my spawnlings can be […]

FCBD 2014 & EGP Award #46

Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, leaving naught by silent reading in its wake. If ever there was a time to conquer the geeks of the world, it would be the first Saturday of May. And let’s face it – is there really anyone else in the world […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #45

The greatest parenting advice ever given to me was from EG Opa: Make sure your kids believe you are capable of anything. An-ny-thing. Coming from a man with a State Champ Black Belt in Karate, I definitely believed he could do anything. Protector and chief strategist; I know he would […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #44

Going a bit ‘old school’ today and pulling this belated award from a parent I corrupted at school drop-off last week. Welcome to our fold, Sandra. Though, the following example of your work is more than fine start. Almost every spawnling will forget something in the school bag at some […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #43

Let’s stop for a moment and think about the power of the subconscious. One of the strongest ways to manipulate this is through song. Now, imagine you have an evil genius pair of mums with creative wit – and they are using the magic of music to flash your breasts. […]

You found them

Last year, we had a nameless recipient for EGP Award #28. I had set the task for you, my magnificient minions, to find this kid and announce to the world how awesome his parents are. And you found them. In the comments, we have heard from Audrey, Oliver’s mother and […]