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EG Parent Award #52

I’m sitting here watching Zaltu eat her lunch with Aquaman’s Trident.

Yes, I did give her a fork. But why on Earth would she want a mere fork, when she can use Aquaman’s Trident?

Which of course led to me googling Batman Cutlery. Because why would you settle for Aquaman’s Trident when you could have Batman cutlery?


But would you believe it, I only found one that actually fit the bill. And it is very witty.

So I give you: EG Parent Award # 52:


Thankyou to mrparis over on Flickr.

However, Sinister says this set doesn’t quite cut it (ho ho!) and wants to buy Zaltu this set instead:


In the meantime, I think she liked the Trident. And I dare you to take it off her.


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  1. When she gets a bit older you can get her Light Saber chopsticks. Unequivocally voted best Christmas present 2013. Maybe I will try for the sonic screwdriver cutlery this year. Thanks for the tip!


      1. They come in various colours too. Had a bit of a fight over who got Yoda (green). Bought them in a store in Japan, but pretty sure I’ve seen them online too.


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