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EG Mum v “The Baking Mum”

Well. Good to know where I stand, Zaltu.

The minute Sinister and Nefarious are dropped at school, Zaltu knows it is her time.

Parks are visited, pigeons are tormented, EG Senior Citizens are wooed.

When we arrived at the playground, Zaltu made friends with another toddler. A toddler who had … Biscuits. Yeah!!


And not just any biscuits. Jam drops.

Google it.

I was so proud of my Little Miss Opportunity.

Until it was time to go.

“Okay, kiddo. Time to go home!”

So, Zaltu waved goodbye to me. Okay.

Then walks over to the other kid’s mum. The Baking Mum.

Zaltu walked over to The Baking Mum and took her hand. She took The Baking Mum by the hand and started walking out the park, towards home.

Clearly, she had made her choice.

Obviously, I need to get back to the kitchen.

Hey, Baking Mum! I see your Jam Drops and raise you Chocolate Chewbaccas.

Stay tuned.

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