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Evil Genius Parent Award #37

You have to admire a parent who feels comfortable enough in their parenting to allow their minions write the blog entry this week. I just don’t think the world is ready yet for Sinister and Nefarious to publish just yet. Half the time, I don’t think I’m ready for their thoughts. And I’m supposed to be a step ahead of them… in theory…

Part of being an evil genius parent is ensuring you are passing on the essential life skills your minion will need to conquer the world (or at least their immediate space).

This can be any number of skills. Building a fort; identifying poisonous frogs; learning how to swim faster than your friends (essential during shark season -you know the adage: you don’t have to swim faster than a shark…)

However, there is a special skill in recognising the life lessons within pop-culture references – not just to sound cool at parties (thought, that will be a given), but to also build their resilience through any life lesson.

Take Wonder Woman, for example. Now, to be honest – I am a Marvel girl. I have a healthy respect and understanding of the Wonder Woman canon. But nowhere near the depth offered by this minion over at GeekMom. A minion who has been offered the opportunity by her mum to publish her views as to why WW needs her own movie. And this was just one of the reviews/opinions shared by the minions!!

These minions know their stuff. They discuss Doctor Who and Animal Crossing as well. Not just in your usual “product review” method either (which has been seriously boring me to tears the last month or so – I understand wanting to make a dollar from blogging, but some of you minions have misplaced your integrity along the way…)

No, these minions actually incorporate a little human behaviour analysis as well. And that is an essential life skill for any EG spawnling.

So kudos to Geek Mom. In fact, have a nosy around the whole website – they have some pretty cool updates in general over there, and often share insights on how to keep your spawnlings just geeky enough to be interesting.

Do it now: Geek Mom

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