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Evil Genius Parent Award #36 – Bonus Round

Once again I am faced with the dilemma of the perfect recipient for the Evil Genius Parent Award (Bonus round for me being slack over the last 2 weeks).

It’s not so much about the recipient – found that no problem. It’s the details – I have to rely on Bruce over at Big Family, Little Income to help me out.

He shared a brilliant story this week about a “friend of his” who managed a bed-wetting incident with remarkable poise and class.

It’s always the bed-wetting that seems like that last hurdle. Here I am at 33wks pregnant, and EG Dad seems to gain his loudest laugh watching me wrangle young Nefarious, his wriggly legs, and the bulging baby-belly. It’s supposedly even more entertaining than watching me tie my shoe-laces.

The thing is, bed-wetting is not an age-specific or even gender specific problem. It can be anyone at any age, at any time. And more minions need to to know this, without the shame that so many have.

I have to admit – I always maintain a few secret weapons for occasions such as these:

  • Brolly sheets – cannot recommend these enough!! It makes the whole sheet changing thing a breeze. In fact, I’m pretty sure I woke up one morning around 6mths ago and wondered why there was a brolly sheet ready to wash in the machine. No one in the house knew anything about it. Now THAT is an amazing sleep-walking skill;
  • 5 more pairs of PJ pants than usually required for the ages 2yo to 5yo;
  • Ready made blanket and pillow for the couch – If I sneak out there around midnight, Nefarious doesn’t realise until he’s already gone to our bedroom and resigns to having to wake-up EG Dad instead. The couch is surprisingly comfortable in late pregnancy AND I escape the sheet-changing duties. Win!


So, Bruce – forward this article on to your ‘friend’ – she is awesome!

Have any other tips for bed-wetting? Share in the comments! This is one minion activity I’m yet to gain the advantage on.


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