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Quick peek at Ancient Greek

Evil Genius Inc is currently on mid-year school holidays. And it has not exactly been the best school holidays.

We’ve had toxic paint fumes right outside our front door (always a joy during pregnancy), 10 days straight of rain, and then the spawnlings were hit with Slap Cheek (5th’s disease or ‘no, really officer – I didn’t slap my kids THIS time’).

So, finally we have a day where the planets align!! Huzzah! Let’s head to the museum and the park!

Why the museum? Well, loyal followers will know that Sinister is studying Comparative Mythology during his Non-Scripture time. I don’t believe in the brain-washing of Scripture in schools (and this coming from the EG Girl who had her own mother as a RE teacher at one point). And I don’t agree with dumping young students in front of a TV for 20mins because I don’t like their Scripture choices. So I took it upon myself to prepare Non-Scripture / Comparative Mythology books for Sinister, and he loves them.

Sinister’s current choice is Ancient Greek Mythology (after working through the basics of Egyptology and Norse Mythology). So this museum exhibit seemed like the perfect idea.

It ended up being even better than we thought! Big thanks to Emma M. for the recommendation. It’s just a little museum tucked away in the local university, but it offered an amazing array of items from the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Etruscans, and LEGO builders.

photo (17)Yes – LEGO Builders. They even had a LEGO display of The Acropolis (including LEGO Indiana Jones in a cave underneath).

At least I did the smart approach – the spawnlings knew there was a LEGO display at the museum, but I ensured that they walked through the ENTIRE exhibit before allowed anywhere near the LEGO. All the gods know they have played with enough LEGO during these school holidays (although, EG Dad may wash my mouth/fingers with soap for publishing that here… enough LEGO? Is there such a thing?) – Oh, I’m sorry. Was that evil?

And the displays on show were pretty impressive. There were mummies with their elaborate sarcophagi (a freaky but impressive hit for Sinister with his previous Egyptology studies); MASSIVE Grecian vases (which Nefarious loved the artwork on the side for the story-telling); and plenty of nude statues abound which had no impact at all – despite my build-up to a discussion as to why some statues still had their genitalia attached. Yes, Catholic Church – please explain again why you chose to remove the penis from any nude statues? But hey – it’s okay for the ladies to keep their breasts!

IMG_1592 IMG_1598 IMG_1608

Was the day a success? Of course! I was able to accommodate creativity (LEGO), history, and even some political strategy (how various cultures were conquered) all in the one day. And topped with “running off the energy in the park” – today may have been the saving grace of our school holidays.

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