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Evil Genius Parent Award #34

Every Evil Genius Lair needs a First Aid kit. Something easily retrievable when minions are set alight, or eye-brows singed, or chocolate smeared across ceilings.

However, I often wonder about exactly what needs to be in the EG First Aid kit. Bandages, band-aids, plaster tape – sure. We know all about these. But what other essential items are required for the EVIL GENIUS FIRST AID KIT.

Alcohol swabs – oh yeah. I know a few minions out there who would think we need a few of these.

Large plaster tape – to tape down the minions when administering First Aid.

But there is one minion who has really thought outside the lab. So this week’s award goes to Meredith McC.

I thought I’d try some eye drops today because they’re supposed to help with irritation. They didn’t work. I squeezed the whole bottle on my three year old. Nothing.

– Meredith McC

Meredith inspired a follow-up idea for this same approach. One of her friends suggests nappy cream – also removes irritation and protects against further damage.

Any other suggestions of things to add to the Evil Genius Parent First Aid Kit?

Just remember: It is always important to follow instructions on medication bottles:



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