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One Marriage Right at a Time

Why, Mr Turnbull. You Valentine Troll. 😜    Isn’t love grand? Especially on St Valentine’s Day, when the heathens finally bring together the two great elements of the Goddess Aphrodite: Superficial Love and Spending Stupid Amounts of Money. Of course, the Australian Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull is an old-fashioned […]

EG Award – ‘Straya Day Specal

G’day Australia. ‘Straya Day tomorrow. You have the day off. It’s Summer. And at least some of the country will have nice weather (it’s a big country; anything is possible). Nice time to stop and think about what makes you an Aussie. Of course, Deadpool is already in on the […]

One Sith Lord at a Time

What is it about the bad guys that is just so good? Disney just released a bunch of new characters and discs for their Disney Infinity range; more specifically the Disney Infinity 3.0 Now, while I wasn’t on the original bandwagon for the Infinity game, I am slowly converting over. […]

One Bird at a Time

Here’s a statement I never imagined typing on my blog: Apparently, a bird shitting on you or your house is good luck.  Now, I don’t know if this is an Australian thing or an acceptable belief system around the world. But let’s go with it for a minute. It starts […]

One Dodgy Travel Agent at a Time

Travel is very important in world domination. If you really want to take over a world, you need to know the world you are taking over. Take the Romans for example. Forget about Nero (though, we’ll come back to him another day – he is useful to our story-telling in […]

One Legal System at a Time

I expect to cop some major abuse on this one. But here me out.  The man previously found guilty of killing Daniel Morcombe (and other atrocities) is currently appealing his case due to evidence issues. Judgement could be handed down today. The Case of Daniel Morcombe is unfortunately now one […]

One Lethal Yorkshire Terrier at a Time

Australia often has a bad rep for being a dangerous place – go read Terry Pratchett’s The Lost Continent.     Spiders. Snakes. Crocodiles. Drop Bears. Cane Toads. Sheep. There are websites, twitter feeds, and Facebook pages dedicated to living in Australia.  In primary school, I lived on an army base […]