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One Bird at a Time

Here’s a statement I never imagined typing on my blog:

Apparently, a bird shitting on you or your house is good luck. 

Now, I don’t know if this is an Australian thing or an acceptable belief system around the world. But let’s go with it for a minute.

It starts with Bruce over at Big Family Little Income. You may remember Bruce – he is a big supporter of my dastardly plans to take over the world; partly because he wants to sit back with a beer and watch the entertainment. Smart arse. Though he does contribute his fair share of chaos and torment. He has been a recipient of the Evil Genius Parent Award a couple of times too. Or something. It’s hard to keep track of his daily crazy.

Unfortunately, Bruce and his family are in a tough place right now. He’s gorgeous wife is in ICU, in a very sudden and totally unexpected way. The last couple of weeks has been traumatic, with lots of waiting, lots of surgeries, and lots of processing as the news goes from bad to worse to a glimmer of hope. I am not going into all the details here, but I do want all minions to head over to Bruce’s blog to see the details.

Bruce has never been one to wallow in grief and despair. He always looks for something to hold onto and keep going in the best way possible. Most recent example: Tracey’s Grandma.

“Does Tracey like magpies?” she asked me.

“I don’t think that’s ever come up,” I said.

“It’s only there’s been a magpie hanging around these last two weeks and it left ‘a gift’ on my windowsill yesterday and so I haven’t washed it off.”

So for luck, as well as all the candles, there’s a also a bit of magpie shit on a windowsill on Southside.

Well, Bruce – I promise you EG Inc is doing its share towards your good luck.

On the way home from school, Sinister was the ‘lucky’ recipient of some rainbow lorikeet droppings; all down the school uniform. Of course, I mentioned the ‘good luck’ spiel to him. After the initial rolling-of-the-eyes response (totally expected), he then asked

“Why isn’t it rainbow? I mean seriously, it was a RAINBOW lorikeet. If it is going to give me any luck, at least make it like a colourful rainbow. Like Unicorns or something. Then I could send it to Bruce and not freak him out with – y’know, sending bird poo in the mail. There’s no way he’ll take this ‘luck’ looking just white and brown.”

I don’t know, Sinister. I reckon Bruce will take whatever care package you want to send.

But maybe we should throw in some beer-flavoured chocolate as well.

As much as I love the idea of sending “good luck” to Bruce, it is really important to recognise the need for practical assistance as well. 

Please head over to Bruce’s blog Big Family Little Income, and have a read of his posts (the heartbreaking story so far, and a lot of his hilarious adventures prior to this). If you like what you see, the Bank of Queensland established an account for any donations which goes directly to the family. Bruce had just quit his job to be the SAHP while Tracey continued to grow her photography business and become the sole bread winner. With current circumstances, that is no longer possible – any help you can offer would be great.

Details are as follows:

Account Name – Bruce Devereaux
BSB. – 124047
Account no. – 22389003

** EG Inc does not recommend sending any animal or bird faeces through the standard post. In this case, glitter bombs or CDs with “Barbie Girl” may be acceptable alternatives. But I didn’t say that. You did not read that here.

**EDIT: For those looking for verification of authenticity (I AM an Evil Genius, after all), this is the Bank of Queensland’s official statement for the fund.

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