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Evil Genius Protesting: Fun With Flags

Trump was at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) last Friday. No surprise there. There was flag-waving at this Good Ol’ U S of A event. Again, no surprise. But did anyone have a good look at those flags?  Yessiree minions! That’s the Russian flag!! It took a few minutes (enough […]

One Twitch At A Time

I can’t even blame this one on the spawnlings. About a month ago, I developed a twitch in my left eye-lid.  Just a small little spasm. A little involuntary movement, too small for anyone to see but enough to BUG THE ABSOLUTE S#!T OUT OF ME!! *sigh* At the time, […]

Art of The Brick: DC

There are only a handful of themes which truly stand the test of time. The kind of things shared between generations; dancing across language barriers; appreciated by any child, anywhere, anytime. Lego is definitely one. DC characters are absolutely there. Art is certainly there. And then whoa! You have someone […]

Safe School Bullies

Yesterday was Australia’s National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. So… the Australian Federal Government commemorated the day by removing almost anything of strength or substance from the national Safe School program. The Safe School program was set up to provide free resources and support to schools around Australia. The program […]