International Women’s Day (… And The Childcare Strike)

And I thought I had a twisted sense of humour. 

But I’m not the one who arranged a Childcare Centre strike on International Women’s Day.

I kid you not.

Around 1000 Australian Childcare workers are going on strike at 3.20pm on Wednesday 8 March 2017.

Look, I get it. I get they want to make a point: they are protesting the large difference in pay between male-dominated and female-dominated professions. 

And it sucks. No, the word ‘sucks’ trivialises the matter. It is the most ridiculous bullshit* that still exists in our modern society. 

We live in a society where we are blessed… Yes, BLESSED to have high quality childcare services with trained staff and plenty of resources. In a large majority of cases. 

But to be honest, is a strike on International Women’s Day the best idea?

Because when a childcare centre strikes, when it closes early for the day, which demographic is hit the hardest?


That’s right, minions. The majority of people effected by any changes to childcare are women. 

This is not denying there are plenty of guys out there, being a part of the whole childcare process.

But the stats are in, and women draw the short straw. Previous submissions to the Australian Productivity Commission have shown how good childcare can boost the economy for everyone. It gives opportunity to women where they usually see hurdles they need to manage. 

Take away that opportunity, even for just a few hours, and you are reminding women exactly how fragile their opportunities are. How brittle their rights are. 

And what a slap in the face on the one day their rights are supposed to be front and centre, both here and around the world. 

There are plenty of battles to be had for women’s rights this Wednesday. The last thing we need is for one of those battles to bleed over the  grounds we have already fought. 

Be bold. Be brave. Be vocal, and stand tall for women’s rights on our internationally recognised day.

But don’t do it on top of the beaten bodies of those still trying to hold the frontline. 

* Due to the fact EG Sinister reads my blog (taking notes for his own world domination one day), I find I need to … Manage my language. Trust me, there are better words to describe this mess than Bullshit, but it’s best I can do without paying for his tertiary education via swear jar.

Evil Genius Protesting: Fun With Flags

Trump was at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) last Friday. No surprise there.

There was flag-waving at this Good Ol’ U S of A event. Again, no surprise.

But did anyone have a good look at those flags? 

Image courtesy of The Independent

Yessiree minions! That’s the Russian flag!!

It took a few minutes (enough for some photography and social media) before CPAC officials noticed the problem. You know. Flag waving. It’s a constitutional right or something, isn’t it?

Word is, the flags were handed out by two protesters dressed just like all the other Conservatives there. How devious! Because we all know only the extremists/criminals/uneducated/uncivilised/unpatriotic/ etc would dare defy Hair Fuhrer (thanks to Shiri for that name). 

From Twitter user @deeinhouston

Protest level: Evil Genius

Maybe the aides should add The Big Bang Theory to Trumps “Calm Down Time”. Never before have we needed a spin-off so much. 

Kings’ Kids Corps


Summer school holidays are in full swing, and the spawnlings are not yet restless… but only a fool would allow them to reach that point.

Kings Comics are to the rescue! They are putting on a special kids day for all your little heroes and villains.

So what’s on offer?

  • Cosplay Competition
  • 10% off All-Ages comics (DC Superhero Girls is a fave in our Lair)
  • Games and Activities
  • Kids workshop with Louie Joyce
  • Face-painting (I want a unicorn)
  • Lucky dip bags

Used with permission / Kings Comics

The staff at Kings Comics have really been building its community spirit over the past year. Free Comic Book Day was huge back in May, with special guests Nicola Scott, Dean Rankine, Tristan Jones, and Mark Sexton. That particular celebration was the most family friendly (and the most fun) in all of Sydney—dare I say, the best of ALL FCBD events.

Yes, I will dare to say it!


Used with permission / Kings Comics


The team at Kings Comics always make people welcome in their store. In 2016, Kings also kicked off the women’s only comic-book club Queens of Kings with monthly meets and special guests. They also had their first Single Issues Night earlier this month; a social night of merriment with fellow comic-fans and plenty of single issues to flick through (single issues of comics, not single people with issues… though, I see your point…)

But forget about the ladies, and who cares about drinking and reading comics!! The next big thing is the Kids Corps! Now is the time for all the spawnlings to come and have some fun!

For more info, check out the King Comics Facebook page. Evil Genius Inc will be there (minus EG Dad). Cosplay and all. You couldn’t keep us from the party!



Tuesday 10 January 2016  –  11am to 4pm


Kings Comics

310 Pitt Street, Sydney




Census Fail: Aust Just Can’t Handle It

Well done, Australia!!

For the last week or two, the Australian Government has been nagging all the Aussie minions about their ‘patriotic duty’ to participate in the National Census on 9 August 2016 (which is tonight – at the time of writing).

That was the first line of BS – it is not patriotic; it is compulsory.

I’m fine with the whole census thing. I see the benefit of the census and consider it a good thing. The data from the census goes towards a good number of things. Yes, yes, yes – it is primarily used by a handful of policy makers and a bunch of civil engineers and local councils. But without the census, those poor minions would simply tick the welfare box on Census Night.

Seriously, census stats are used for determining a range of things: school zones; park development; large building approvals. Yes, it may feel like only policy makers and academic read the damn things, but they are the harbingers of change in our society.

Geez, I sound extremely naive about the romanticised nature of our society. Quick, dose me up with some Stephen Colbert

And that was for the United States of America in 2013. How dare we expect Australia to have caught up three years later?

I mean, c’mon. They spent all this time and money on organising the Census to be electronic. YAY! Digital evolution!!

Oh wait, you haven’t submitted your census details yet? Well, why not?

WHAT?!? The website has CRASHED?!?


But surely not! The Aust Govt told us it wouldn’t crash!! They promised us the smooth path of enlightenment into the digital world of the future!!


The good news is that this is a nation-wide documented event. You’re pretty safe from being fined if the census data is late.

Of course, there are some who are considering not submitting it at all. At last count, Senator Nick Xenophon, Senator Jacqui Lambie, and five other Green Senators have all said “No thanks” due to concerns regarding privacy and security. We even have a former deputy privacy commissioner, Anna Johnston, boycotting the event.

The problem with this is not everyone can rally the financial support to take on the ABS with this protest. Once they figure out you boycotted, they can start fining you $180 per day for withholding information. This kind of limits the protest vote to those with enough Klout (you can find my FundMe website … Nah, too lazy).

And while some may parry with “The Census is no different to Facebook” – please note the biggest difference of all:

Facebook is elective. If you don’t like the privacy settings, you don’t have to participate. The Census is a “patriotic duty”, remember?

I’ll be honest – I am really torn on this one. As a social antagonist (read: hobby sociologist), I love census and all the stupid it collates. But on the other hand, I have heard reports of the ABS being violated electronically up to 14 times in the last three years. I’m not sure if I want my personal details (including MY NAME) associated with that sort of behaviour.

I have a reputation to uphold. 😛


Soooo… will you “census”?
UPDATE: Apprently the Census site did not crash, it was hacked – 4 times!!

ABC News is following up on the statement from ABS. I would not want to be an ABS employee today. Or any day really.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Turns out it was just DDoS, or a bunch load of people accessing the site all at the same time…

So why did they release a statement saying “hack attack” to begin with? And is IBM going to do its job now? 

One Twitch At A Time

I can’t even blame this one on the spawnlings.

About a month ago, I developed a twitch in my left eye-lid. 

Just a small little spasm. A little involuntary movement, too small for anyone to see but enough to BUG THE ABSOLUTE S#!T OUT OF ME!!

At the time, I had started drinking coffee again – after giving it up for the last 7 years. Breastfeeding and babies and caffeine and whatnot. Taking up the habit again, I started with just a latte in the morning.

Slowly it built up – one more at lunchtime. One more in the afternoon. Less latte, more flat white.

And then the twitch started.

And it bugged me. 

Oh my chocolate deities, did it bug me. 

I would sit there, resting my open palm over my twitching my eye. Putting the slightest pressure on the spasm. Trying various temperatures and ideas, hoping for relief.



Okay, okay. Breathe. 

The obvious culprit: Coffee.

Or was it just the easiest target?

Forgive me, fellow coffee drinkers. It has been one month since my last coffee. And I was wrong.


So I’m thinking of drowning my sorrows in a flat white tomorrow morning.

Of course, EG Dad thinks I haven’t cut out enough caffeine. He suggested cutting out chocolate too.

The Funeral is on Thursday. Please give chocolate and coffee in lieu of flowers. It’s what he would have wanted.

What’s your sure-fire tip for an eye twitch? Share it in the comments below, and the one that works will win my favour for a week.

Art of The Brick: DC

There are only a handful of themes which truly stand the test of time. The kind of things shared between generations; dancing across language barriers; appreciated by any child, anywhere, anytime. Lego is definitely one. DC characters are absolutely there. Art is certainly there.

And then whoa! You have someone like Nathan Sawaya combining all three?!? Welcome to the Art of the Brick: DC Comics.

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