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One Marriage Right at a Time

Why, Mr Turnbull. You Valentine Troll. 😜

Isn’t love grand? Especially on St Valentine’s Day, when the heathens finally bring together the two great elements of the Goddess Aphrodite: Superficial Love and Spending Stupid Amounts of Money.

Of course, the Australian Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull is an old-fashioned romantic himself. He sweetly proclaimed his love for his wife on this most auspicious day for all love.

Because we all know how St Valentine, the patron saint for today, was for ALL love right?

You know the legend: St Val ignored the Roman Senate’s decree and married any couple who asked him to do the ceremony. He believed (and of course, I’m quoting verbatim because I have a TARDIS with DeLorean cloaking abilities):

Who the hell do they think they are telling someone who to love?!? 

Wait… What?

St Val wasn’t meant to be about gay marriage?

Oh yeah. My mistake – because the decree at the time was about Emperor Claudius not wanting young soldiers to marry as it was distracting in battle.

And this led to a drop in sales for celebrants, and also stopped the conversion of Christians away from the debauchery that attracted their coin instead.

So St Val WAS about using marriage for money and political interest!! See, that makes sense! That’s how the Aust PM was trolling everyone.

Because why the hell should he approve Equal Rights in Marriage if there isn’t some money or political gain first?

Like, you know, a huge extended market in weddings for ANY couple … Or how about the legal right to marry whoever the hell you want so long as it is consenting by both?!? I don’t care what you do in your home, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I’m too busy trying to build up the energy to get busy myself.

Mr Turnbull, you really shouldn’t tease the Aust Public like that. Very happy for you and your wife; but if it’s not supposed to be a big deal for all relationships, why make it such a big deal for yours?

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