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…Dr Seuss style

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities. – Dr Seuss In EG Lair, […]

One Rainy Day at a Time

I have received reports from minions in Queensland, Australia. Reports of extreme weather. I would love to claim credit for weather control, but alas – this one is natural causes. At the same time, minions in the UK are having extreme cold. What’s the point of these? Both sets of […]

One cough at a time

Come closer. I can’t talk very well at the moment. A little closer. Just a little. *cough*  *splutter*  *wheeze*  *cough* Nothing better than germ warfare. Seriously though, I’ve been absolutely sick for the last 2 weeks. And I am so over it. Just before the seasonal “time off work” period […]

One Social Norm at a Time

It’s amazing how excited everyone gets about Christmas. Carols and bad covers of said carols are played repeatedly throughout the stores. Snow-field decorations adorn every shopping strip (no matter which hemisphere you live in). And Santa visits each mall, ready to take photos and patiently listen to heavily-considered wish lists. […]

One Poison Dart Frog at a Time

This is the point where I cannot believe in the nonsense of Intelligent Design. Seriously – what super-natural drugs are out there for some all-high deity to think HOT PINK with blue legs is a great colour for a frog?!? Now don’t get me wrong. I understand that not ALL […]

One Educated Girl at a Time

I came across this article today (good work Checklist Mommy) and it has been gnawing at me all day. I also checked out the NY Times piece on the same event. This whole event pisses me off. Short summary – Malala Yousafzai is a 14 year old girl in Pakistan. Even […]

One Freak at a Time

Basic evil skill – convincing someone the pool water is warm. Most days I can tell when Sinister is lying to me. And I’ll give him this: He really did think that the water was warm. Thus me calling him a freak. <*insert raucous childish laughter*> “Thanks… now, what’s a […]

One Troll at a Time

“Don’t Feed the Trolls.” Really? Aw, c’mon! They’re so cute!! And they are the perfect size for a foot stool in front of my throne. But sometimes, they are a bit fat and smelly. Probably from sitting on their arse all day, troll-lol-lolling down the merry path of “I want […]