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One Freak at a Time

Basic evil skill – convincing someone the pool water is warm.

Most days I can tell when Sinister is lying to me. And I’ll give him this: He really did think that the water was warm. Thus me calling him a freak.

<*insert raucous childish laughter*> “Thanks… now, what’s a freak?” – Sinister is 6 years old. He’s new to the whole freak thing. It’s so sweet. Now, to mould him in to my own image (*bwahahahahaha*).

Seriously, what is so fucking wrong with being a freak? In a world where the awards at school go to whoever answered exactly what the teacher was thinking after the 4th glass of “marking” wine, different is still seen as bad.

Now, I totally understand peer pressure. It normally applies from 10 to 19, or there abouts. After that, peer pressure is more about controlling minions – supple, little, minds. But lately, I’m talking to more and more people who are all hyped on the Lemmings phenomenon.

Parents who tell me how atheist they are, and yet sign their kids up to Christian Scripture classes because it is far more accepting. Or how about talking on and on about the great family holiday you have in South East Asia to share a different culture with your kids – except for the fact that you never left the god-damn resort.

So, when Sinister was asking me about the word “Freak”, I knew this was an opportunity to model some strength and true Evil-Genius qualities into him.

“Freak is a word that people use when they think you are different to them. Most of the time it’s because they don’t know why you’re different. And as much as they can hear the ‘common’ voices say that you are different, they also tend to think your difference is kind of cool. Maybe even similar to them. Or something they want to be.”

It’s awe-inspiring, watching your spawn process this information. Seeing the understanding dawn his eyes. And then the evil grin start to spread over his face.

“So. What you’re saying is that the people who say freak. They’re just hiding from the fact that I’ve done something better than them.”

“Yes. In most cases, that’s probably it.”


And then the grin…

“Hey mum – How’s the water?”

Little shit. I’m freezing. But still proud.

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