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Evil Genius Parent Award #3

Big welcome to the minions who joined us last week for Evil Genius Parent Award #2. Good work coming back for more inspiration in evil parenting – and you will not be disappointed.

This week’s recipient was nominated by another minion. Honorary Mention goes to Megan S for introducing me to..


Read here for her award-winning blog post, as she guides you through the steps of delivering crazy threats of punishment, and still winning in the mental showdown with your spawnlings!

The blog mentioned above is crafty example of spawnling manipulation, leading to a win-win situation while still providing enough torment to remind the child “Who’s. Da. Boss.”

Well done Checklist Mommy! Inspiring parents everywhere that we CAN still get what we want.

I look forward to the follow-up blog post next month, when her daughter Gaga learns to call her bluff.

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