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One Educated Girl at a Time

I came across this article today (good work Checklist Mommy) and it has been gnawing at me all day. I also checked out the NY Times piece on the same event.

This whole event pisses me off.

Short summary – Malala Yousafzai is a 14 year old girl in Pakistan. Even at 14 (in fact, for a few years now), she’s been a loud and active advocate for the rights of educating girls in Pakistan. She’s even had the balls to tell the Taliban to piss off.

I like her style.

The Taliban are afraid of her – and fairly so. She may not be an evil genius (give it time…) but she is definitely impressive enough to scare the Taliban. Unfortunately enough they tried to kill her. On a school bus. On her way home.

Shot in the head. And shot in the neck.

She so far has survived – stable in a hospital after doctors removed the bullets. Damn, I really hope she survives – mainly to kick Taliban arse.

So, why am I – an Evil Genius Mum – writing about this?

Because it pisses me off. Pretty simple.

Here is a girl, with obvious genius potential. She has been singled out (with guns) because she is different. Because she had the balls to point out the system is crap and she wants to change it! Because she is a local girl, who looked at her society and knows that she can be the start of change for the better. She wants to make it better for herself, and for future generations.

Girl after my own heart. I’m just lucky enough not to be fighting against ignorant, self-centered, misogynistic  cretins – who are so afraid of change that they attacked a 14yo girl.

But I’m not writing this post to jump on the bandwagon of cheerleaders for Malala (well, maybe – but it’s not the sole purpose). And I’m definitely not writing this to give you a guilt trip – that’s so old school religion, and a post for another day.

I am writing about it to tell you about it. And to tell you of a way that you can make a difference too.

Yesterday I learnt of an organisation that has set up a group home for children in Bali, Indonesia: Foundation 18. Currently, they are housing 12 girls, in line with local customs. Check them out. As far as I am concerned, any organisation that supports the education of girls is another kick in the balls for groups like the Taliban.

Now it’s our turn to be that kick. Make a donation. Sponsor Foundation 18 for $10 per month. Send your kids clothes and toys. Spread the word and tell others to be that kick.

If you know of another organisation doing the same in Pakistan, or really anywhere else in the world, share it in the comments. Post as many as you can everywhere – not just here. Raise the awareness.

Show Malala that she is supported. Because one day, I’m going to have her as my Minister of Education and Kicking Arse.




Note: I have received no benefit and no incentive from Foundation 18. I learnt of the organisation yesterday and find the timely nature with today’s article to be pretty darn good. Make of it what you will – preferably, make it a pretty big kick.

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