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Evil Genius Parent Tool #8 – Reading

Do you read bedtime stories with your kids? You are an Evil Genius Parent, setting your spawnlings up with an unfair advantage and must be stopped!! Apparently. *shrug* meh Look, we’ve had many people harping about the benefits of reading But recently some one let ALL the crazies out of […]

Evil Genius Parent Tool #7 – The Sofa

Sofa. Couch. Lounge. Apparently there are subtle differences to distinguish between the three, but I don’t care. I’m calling it a sofa today. Wait. Nope. I’m wrong again. 20mth old Zaltu, Goddess of Mischief and general toddler-behaviour, has just corrected me again. It’s the Bat Cave.    And yes, these […]

Evil Genius Tool #5 – Umbrellas

Umbrellas. The Final Frontier. Or at least at schools on rainy days. Sinister’s school attempts to discourage the use of umbrellas on rainy days. I simply do not understand why. They are the most useful arsenal you could have in the vicious world of school yards. Kids particularly love the […]

Evil Genius Tool #3 – Pokemon

In the spirit of Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Ninjamas, I walked away from this argument. However, in the spirit of Ninjamas, I definitely knocked her down a peg or two. “Oh EG Mum, what did you pick a fight over this time?” This woman was trying to convince me how Pokemon is evil. Naturally I […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #14

There is only so much “Cars” story-telling I can take. EG Dad says “Cars 2” is just as bad, even if it is about spies and big badda-booms. However, there are limited CDs that EG Inc can agree on for the car. In fact, it’s a toss-up between the torture […]

Evil Genius Tool #2 – Spinning Teacup

I swear – they were looking at me, like my kids were those kids. The kids at the park, trashing the place with over-the-top sugar-laced-with-red-colouring behaviour. Seriously – if you think my kids are those kids, then you have no idea what those kids are like. I so want to watch you in […]