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Back To School Shopping (AKA Hell)

I survived the Back To School Shop.

That should be emblazoned on a tshirt and worn with pride. 

With a bloody medal. Bloody because my wounds are still fresh.

And you should see the other guy.

Right now, we are T-minus one week to school starting. To be frank, we haven’t been counting down the days here – except for the shopping days.

Because I hate shopping. On any day of the year.

I especially hate shopping when everyone else is shopping.

And then there is the shopping for spawnlings.

It’s pretty bad when EG Dad offers to do it for me on the weekend. Which wouldn’t be a bad idea, except he hasn’t done anything recently to upset me THAT MUCH. I would like a clear conscience before sending my partner-in-crime to his inevitable Saturday morning doom.

You know the frustration of shopping for kids birthdays?

For six weeks before their birthday: This is the only thing I want.

Day before their birthday: This is lame. I want that!

Now apply this to school shopping.

You. The 6yo spawnling. Yeah, you. Choose one pencil case; just one

And that pencil case will last you the whole school year.

Day before school starts: I do not care how much you hate bones, I am not buying you another pencil case.

Why? Because I’m done. I have your shoes. I have your special 100k+ headers dictionary. I have your colouring pencils individually labeled. And there is absolutely nothing to make me return to the torture chamber more commonly known as ‘The Shops’.

Today’s weather: a balmy 35 degrees (Celsius) with 90% humidity and a chance of a severe storm anytime in the next 24hrs. Great weather for indoor playgrounds!

Hold off on the world domination. Mumma’s gonna need some recovery time.


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