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EG Parent Award #64

We all have that one story… 

Okay, I have at least a dozen.

The “I had a great idea from the interwebs and totally nailed it!” story.

What is that?!? Oh, that was just my attempt at a Charmander cake for Nefarious – and of course I ran out of icing while doing this. At 11pm. See – nailed the cake AND parenting with birthday cake preparation.

This week’s EG Parent Award DID NAIL IT! Probably as much a surprise to himself as the rest of us. Especially if you have read his previous ‘handyman’ posts.

Bruce at Big Family Little Income has done it again. Yeah, we have a thing going on (blog-speaking of course) but the man has outdone himself this time.

He even shared instructions on his page – including a warning of exactly how many beers it will take to remove the Little Tikes stickers.

The heartbreaking part is we live too far away to steal this from him. Zaltu thinks it’s purrfect. 

Oh well. To the Garage!!

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6 replies

  1. That is a well deserved EG Parenting award! My Mum has one of those cars in the garage she keeps on hand for when grandkids visit and she has a new grandson who will probably be big enough for it in about 6 months… de ne ne ne ne ne ne ne… to Bunnings!!


      1. Don’t hold your breath. My Mum lives a couple of hours away from us, so it will be a project to keep her two older grandkids busy next time we visit. I wonder what she’ll think we’re up to when we show up for the weekend with black spray paint and stickers?

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  2. I was so incredibly impressed when I saw this. As a follower of that blog, it was just a little bit (well, maybe more!) surprising that he managed to pull it off so well. Great job Bruce!


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