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Pyjama Day

Yeeeeaaaah – comfy pants. Some parents cope with school holidays by sending the spawnlings on camp, or to grandparents. Other parents team up and share the ‘babysitting’ around – amateur hour. At some time, it’s your turn to have a dozen or so 10-year-olds all at once. The trick is […]

Round 2: EG Mum v. EG Grandma

We already know how evil grandma can be. This is just the beginning. EG Inc has travelled 2500km into the pits of Hades (read: Nth Qld in Summer) to visit family/demons. It’s bad enough that the heat is more repressive than a cooked laboratory, but now EG Grandma is taking […]

EG Dad has the Lair…

EG Dad is the brains of the outfit. He has escaped. And left me with the minions at EG Grandma’s place. That’s right – we made it all the way to Grandma’s house, without tossing our cookies, only to discover the wolf disguised in a 4yo kid costume with a […]