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EG Dad has the Lair…

EG Dad is the brains of the outfit.

He has escaped.

And left me with the minions at EG Grandma’s place.

That’s right – we made it all the way to Grandma’s house, without tossing our cookies, only to discover the wolf disguised in a 4yo kid costume with a 7yo side kick.

And then EG Dad jumps on a plane back to the EG Lair and leaves me in the middle of it.

That’s just genius.

Seriously, I know some spouses reading this and saying “why didn’t I think of that?!?”

First, he gets a nice casual break driving 2500km up the coast, visiting family and friends. Even scored a sweet dive off the Great Barrier Reef. Yeah – I know people. And I know stories about people.

Then he gets a cosy flight back early, under the premise of “work” without worrying about the drive back (leaving me to the mercy of EG Grandma – more on her later).

Finally he scores the EG Lair to himself for 2 weeks of peace and quiet.

Pretty sure I’m screwed on this deal.

And I just KNOW the sly fox is going to rearrange my Lair and move the chocolate up high or something.

It’s bad enough he left me with the physics questions (thank Google for Google!) – like how a plane takes off. Why can’t it ever be a psych warfare question? Apparently I’m good at those.

Damn I miss him.

Bastard took the iPad too.

What’s your best holidays escape plan?

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