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Evil Genius Parent Award #31

Sometimes life is just too well-timed for my liking.

Sitting back last week, and I find myself chortling along with EG Dad as he reads Big Family, Little Income. Apparently, there’s a bit of talk about the stereotyping of dads – particularly the portrayal of dads as dumb-arses.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve met a few of the said ‘dumb arse dads’. I’ve also met my fair share of ‘pretty smart dads when no-one is looking’. Which is why this particular line cracked me up:

Guys. Guys. Guys. If a wife is silly enough to really think her husband can’t change a nappy or make a bottle then this is his get out of jail free card. Don’t ruin it for everyone else by giving the game away. That’s selfish.

Considering some of the dumb arse things EG Dad has done in the past, my initial thought was “That EG Shit has been playing me along all this time”.

But then I realised – no he hasn’t. He still MUST and HAS contributed with each spawnling.

I had just clicked over to one of my new favourites: Suburban Snapshots. And all was right in the parenting world again.

Despite any attempt at one parent to ‘play dumb’ and escape housework contribution, I can guarantee you there is another EG Parent out there who will work another way around it.

As EG Grandma would say A LOT when I was a kid “there is more than one way to skin a cat’.

So, to encourage the ‘dads’ (and hey, let’s face it – it can swing either way, depending on who you are with, and how trick they can be) to break out of the ‘dumb arse’ trick, Snapshots has some tips of her own to ‘entice them’.

Enter the Reasons why good husbands deserve enthusiastic blowjobs.

Snapshots has outsmarted the ‘dumb arse dads’ and scored benefits for herself. Win-win in my book. And some pretty evil genius parenting as well.

So, dads. Any comment?


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4 replies

  1. I like that you like what I wrote about what I wrote, you evil little genius you, so I’m leaving a comment because I know how disheartening it can be when people don’t 🙂 Also, loved the Suburban Snapshots post lol


    1. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that we have outsmarted the ‘dumb arse dad’. I strongly suspect your evil genius to be much greater and thus you have strategically created this scenario for your own benefit.

      Well played, my good man. Well played, indeed.


    1. Some dads have been getting away with it for so long, and subsequently teaching their male spawnlings as well (Yes EG Grandad, I’m looking at you, Mr “I can’t cook but hey my roast is still the best in the family”).

      However, it can be played both ways. Just lower your standards. Just happen to ‘forget’ to wash his undies. Or in my case, claim ignorance to anything to do with math and physics – thus palming the homework to EG Dad.


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