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EG Parent Award #61

You are probably already aware of this one, and I’ll be honest – I really should have posted it last week. But to use a new catchphrase I am madly loving right now: You really should check out Dad and Buried (Facebook). His blog is equally as funny. Although he is not the EG Parent Award recipient […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #43

Let’s stop for a moment and think about the power of the subconscious. One of the strongest ways to manipulate this is through song. Now, imagine you have an evil genius pair of mums with creative wit – and they are using the magic of music to flash your breasts. […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #30 – Eurovision

Here’s a little background on Evil Genius Mum: I come from a long line of musicians. Talented musicians. Very talented.  My only saving grace: the ‘music genes’ are usually accompanied by the ‘maths genes’. … Nope I’m screwed on that front too. But, it appears that Sinister and Nefarious have inherited the […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #14

There is only so much “Cars” story-telling I can take. EG Dad says “Cars 2” is just as bad, even if it is about spies and big badda-booms. However, there are limited CDs that EG Inc can agree on for the car. In fact, it’s a toss-up between the torture […]