EB Games Expo Likes Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff


EB Games is trying to woo me to their Expo in October. If I didn’t have to travel to attend, I would seriously consider it.

They moved the EB Games Expo back to the Gold Coast. Which is all nice for them; I just can’t do the travel. So I had made my mind up not to go.

And then they sent me the PR email:


It’s the 20th anniversary of Regurgitator’s album Unit.Regurgitator-Unit.jpg

Damn, I loved that album.

And damn, I am tempted to travel for a taste of nostalgia. Teaming up with Art vs Science and 7bit Hero would be pretty darn awesome. It will be a fantastic mix of music and visual displays, and some interactive game-play with the screen behind the stage.

But you know what I want even more than a taste of their old stuff?

I want to sit down for a meal at the Green Papaya in Brisbane; the Vietnamese Restaurant started by Lien Yeomans, mother of Regurgitator singer Quan Yeomans.

Now, if there was anyone from the Regurgitator family you were going to bring out of retirement, it should be Lien. Her cooking was AMAZING! It was my favourite restaurant in all of Brisbane (just nudging out a sweet French restaurant in Coorparoo).

We’re talking some serious cuisine here, folks. I don’t remember every meal on the menu (it was at least 15 years ago!) but I do remember the Lemon Myrtle Prawns because it was the first time I fell in love with Lemon Myrtle. I love Lemon Myrtle. Even now, I love it in white chocolate. SOOOOO GOOOOD!!


If you think you can take on her recipes, have a glorious stroll through her abandoned blog—the last entry was in 2012 but the recipes are still available and the stories of her travels and experiences are worth the read.

If you are on the Gold Coast in early October, check out the EB Games Expo. Last year, they had plenty of displays for upcoming games (check out my review on GeekMom). Kirsty over at the Nintendo Booth is always a delight during the Nintendo DS workshops; I’d love to see how she’s showcasing the Switch and the new Nintendo 2DS XL coming out later this year.

In the meantime, here is a flashback for your viewing pleasure:

EG Parent Award #61

You are probably already aware of this one, and I’ll be honest – I really should have posted it last week. But to use a new catchphrase I am madly loving right now:

Image courtesy of Dad and Buried

Image courtesy of Dad and Buried

You really should check out Dad and Buried (Facebook). His blog is equally as funny. Although he is not the EG Parent Award recipient this week, he has been pretty darn close. It’s only a matter of time…

Anywho, the actual recipient this week is… Jonathan L (GeekDad) with his absolutely adorable 2yo.

It is not enough that she refers to the Protocol Droid as “Creepio”, but she has the sweetest little voice for the Imperial March. Well done, Dad!!

That kid is going to have a musical future. Mark my words.

Tweeny-Bopper Music That Won’t Make Me Lose My ****

Damn her. Multi-levels of Hell, damn her.

Sinister’s teacher has usurped me as the cool role-model in his life. And she did it in such a sneaky, underhanded way that I don’t know whether to smack her down with the wrath of EG Mum… Or congratulate her.

How, I hear you ask?

She has a way of making the kids hurry up in the classroom – particularly when transitioning between topics. She tells them they have until the end of a song to do the task.

And, you know, it might take them … say … 5 minutes and change, to do the job.

DAMN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


was going to introduce the spawnlings to this!!! Well, me and EG Dad.

But it gets worse.

Sinister’s teacher has used this to introduce the kids to iconic music artists, like Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.


I swear. I am <-> this close to losing it.

BUT … the tables have turned. *mwahahahahaha* She has asked me for help.

Apparently, she is having a bit of difficulty finding a FEMALE artist who is as appealing, while still be child-friendly. Katy Perry is kind of close, but some her videos are a little …

So far, I’ve come up with Missy Higgins but that’s it…

Anyone able to help me out? Or are we going to resort to more Hudson Hawk?

Evil Genius Parent Award #43

Let’s stop for a moment and think about the power of the subconscious.

One of the strongest ways to manipulate this is through song.

Now, imagine you have an evil genius pair of mums with creative wit – and they are using the magic of music to flash your breasts.

Fox and Lark, the duo known as Sparrow-Folk have given us the crazily catchy song “Ruin Your Day With Tits”.

Encouraging mothers to embrace their new image: check.

Giving our male counterparts a fun way to “support” our tits: double check.

Encouraging children to see breastfeeding in public as normal through catchy tune: check. And genius.


Dang nab it – they’ve gone viral. Still worth checking out.

Evil Genius Parent Award #30 – Eurovision

Here’s a little background on Evil Genius Mum: I come from a long line of musicians. Talented musicians. Very talented. 

My only saving grace: the ‘music genes’ are usually accompanied by the ‘maths genes’.

Nope I’m screwed on that front too.

But, it appears that Sinister and Nefarious have inherited the passion and talent for music. It’s really quite embarrassing. Yet at the same time – very cool.

Nevertheless,  there are a whole heap of pitfalls that come with trying to enter the music industry:

  • Long hours of practice required;
  • Trouble finding suitable housemates who can tolerate you waking up at 6am to practice (EG Opa, I’m looking at you);
  • Majority of decent paying gigs are during prime social hours on Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons;
  • Risk of one day resorting to participation in reality shows like America’s Idling Talentless Voice.

However, this week’s Evil Genius Parent Award will go to executive producer of Eurovision 2013: Martin Österdahl.


Now, to be fair, I don’t know if Martin is a parent or not, and I can almost bet that his entry this week is completely unintentional. But it is the most brilliant and genius method ever to completely turn your children off working in the music industry.

Just show them one year of Eurovision. 

If you have been following the tweet threads #eurovision or #sbseurovision, you will learn the main benefit of watching Eurovision is for the drinking games. For lyrics. For costumes. For sharing with friends.

And the laughs. 

Quite seriously, the laughs. Because no-one takes Eurovision seriously.

Remind your kids of that. No-one takes Eurovision seriously. And one day you might end up on there. With shower caps,

And if that doesn’t turn them to biochemistry or astrophysics, then I have no hope for you or your spawn.

Learn how to make viking helmets or shower caps.

Eurovision Thor 2013

Side note: If, however, you or your spawnlings score a job as the commentator for Eurovision AND are able to bring back the absolute hilarity of Terry Wogan, then you may be able to maintain enough dignity to show your face in public. 

Evil Genius Parent Award #14

There is only so much “Cars” story-telling I can take. EG Dad says “Cars 2” is just as bad, even if it is about spies and big badda-booms.

However, there are limited CDs that EG Inc can agree on for the car. In fact, it’s a toss-up between the torture of the CD-choice and the torture of the argument making that choice.


Enter Rhys Muldoon and his album               “I’m Not Singing“.

I swear, Rhys – contact me. With your amazing ability to appease EVERYONE in EG Inc, and my genius with subliminal messages… We will take over the WORLD!!

Now, let it be noted – I receive no commission for this post whatsoever. In fact, special Honorary Mention must be given to Reservoir Dad and his fantastic ability to convince me to buy the album. He originally gave 10 reasons; I had my credit card out at #4.

You are probably wondering what makes this album so worthy of an EGP Award? Such insolence… Nevertheless, the album passed a number of essential tests:

  1. Nefarious was singing the song in public, after only 2 listen-throughs, and he is usually not musically inclined. Nothing better than hearing your 3yo spawnling sing “Apples and Bananas, and Apricots too / All adds up to a very big poo” in the middle of the fruit/veg section of Woolworths;
  2. Sinister and Nefarious have both asked for EG Dad to take them to the Football – purely because of Footy Dad;
  3. When EG Dad hopped in the car alone, he seriously considered playing the album;
  4. All of EG Inc are interested a supporting concert (complete with 3yo-Mosh Pit), and subsequent follow-up album. If Rhys could team up with Kram (Spiderbait) for this one, who the hell will he coerce next time?!?

    Rhys Muldoon
    Looks innocent enough…

Rhys – you evil bastard. I’ve always known you had EG potential after listening to “Gay School” on Triple J mornings many years ago. But now you are actively selling items in the children’s market that you know   are irresistible to the adults (those who supposedly control the purse strings).

Evil, evil man.

Evil Genius Parent Award #14. Well-deserved.