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Tweeny-Bopper Music That Won’t Make Me Lose My ****

Damn her. Multi-levels of Hell, damn her.

Sinister’s teacher has usurped me as the cool role-model in his life. And she did it in such a sneaky, underhanded way that I don’t know whether to smack her down with the wrath of EG Mum… Or congratulate her.

How, I hear you ask?

She has a way of making the kids hurry up in the classroom – particularly when transitioning between topics. She tells them they have until the end of a song to do the task.

And, you know, it might take them … say … 5 minutes and change, to do the job.

DAMN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


was going to introduce the spawnlings to this!!! Well, me and EG Dad.

But it gets worse.

Sinister’s teacher has used this to introduce the kids to iconic music artists, like Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.


I swear. I am <-> this close to losing it.

BUT … the tables have turned. *mwahahahahaha* She has asked me for help.

Apparently, she is having a bit of difficulty finding a FEMALE artist who is as appealing, while still be child-friendly. Katy Perry is kind of close, but some her videos are a little …

So far, I’ve come up with Missy Higgins but that’s it…

Anyone able to help me out? Or are we going to resort to more Hudson Hawk?

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