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The Parent-Friendly Lunar Eclipse: 26 May 2021

Parents, rejoice!! For there is a Lunar Eclipse in 2021 and the Universe has finally scheduled a parent-friendly time! Because we all know the true heroes of any celestial event: the poor parents who have to wake up at stupid o’clock, check the sky for visibility, and then wake up the astro-spawnlings to witness the event. Too many times have I awoken to cloudy skies and cold cold temperatures, only to have the kids say, “Nah, too tired. I’ll catch the next one.” So I say, Rejoice!! The Lunar Eclipse will start Wednesday night, 26 May, around 7.45pm with the total phase beginning around 9.10pm Aust EST.

Lunar Eclipse May 2021

This is not our first Lunar Eclipse. You can read about our previous observations here and here. Personally, I prefer the visual impact of a Total Lunar Eclipse. I am also a big fan of celestial events at a decent hour. Thus, why I am a big fan of this one. 

Quick refresher: A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth and into its shadow. It only happens during a Full Moon. Some cultures often refer to a Total Lunar Eclipse as a Blood Moon, thanks to the red highlights from ‘rayleigh scattering’–the scattering of light by particles. 

EG Nefarious came up with this in 2018 and it still works

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, 26 May 2021), all of Australia will be able to view the Total Lunar Eclipse. You can also see it from New Zealand, all of Oceania and the Pacific, parts of East Asia and the west coast of the Americas.

For viewing in Sydney, you will need to note the following times: 

  • Moonrise: 4.46pm in the East-South-East
  • Penumbral Eclipse begins: 6.47pm
  • Partial Eclipse begins: 7.44pm
  • Full Eclipse begins: 9.11pm
  • Maximum Eclipse: 9.18pm
  • Full Eclipse ends: 9.25pm
  • Partial Eclipse ends: 10.52pm
  • Penumbral Eclipse ends: 11.49pm

What Do I Need for the Lunar Eclipse?

My limited research (read: none because I’m lazy) shows no indication of any prophecies or supernatural events scheduled for this eclipse, so we should be good to go. Lunar Eclipses do not require any special equipment or glasses. All you need is a relatively uninhibited view of the moon as it rises in the east to about halfway up the sky. It is becoming a little chilly as Sydney approaches Winter, so I suggest you rug up. Bring a chair, maybe a camera. I strongly recommend some hot chocolate; if nothing else it will keep the spawnlings quiet as you watch this eclipse. 

Don’t get your hopes up – I’m not bringing anything this fancy.

A Lunar Eclipse is one of the easiest and most visually stunning astronomical events to be seen with the naked eye. This is the kind of event to determine if your spawnlings are space geek potential. The celestial dance across the night sky can awake wonder and curiousity for so much discovery in our galaxy and beyond. It can also ruin a good-night’s-sleep but hey! I need some company at 2am in the morning. 

Welcome to the Evil Genius Astronomy Club!

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