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One Back-Handed Compliment at a Time

Have you ever woken up at 2am and realised you had said something really stupid the day before? The type of thing where you start worrying about how the other person must be thinking of you, because you really put your foot in it? The kind where you literally can’t go back to sleep?

Yeah, me neither.

But damn – I wish this 10-fold on the lovely lady in my yoga class today.

Today is Baby-Yoga day. While the older boys are teaching at school, I take Zaltu to Yoga to help her chill out. She’s 14 mths old – and trust me; she needs to CTFO.

So there we are, sitting around the circle. Waiting to start.

And the woman next to me, watching Zaltu, says ” oh, she’s beautiful!! Are you her nanny?”

Why, thankyou. I think. But I’m her mother.

“Really? Because she looks nothing like you.”


Well, um. Thanks. But she’s definitely my daughter. I was there and all.

“Oh wow. She must really look like her father then.”


At this point I’m thinking I’m the only one hearing this. That is, until the woman on the other side of me snorts while trying to smother a laugh.

Let’s cut back to the first woman and see if she’s realised.

Nope. She’s still looking from Zaltu to me, shaking her head.

Screw you, yoga bitch. I hope it hits you at 2am.


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