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Round 3: EG Mum v Sinister

I was schooled by Sinister today. And deservedly so.

It was on the daily walk to school. The usual reminders were being discussed.

* Don’t steal other lunches – hungry minions are unreliable;
* Never admit to anything until you know they definitely have evidence against you (that’s how I was tricked into Class Parent – volunteering before my time);
* And always go to the toilet at the beginning of lunch – NOT AFTER the year 6 boys. Trust me on this one.

Poor Zaltu was in the stroller today, rather than toddling along at her usual speed (slow). The poor thing had her demonic wings clipped; high chance she has Chicken Pox and has been absolutely miserable since. Her only comfort has been breastfeeding and holding onto her plush Batman. Often at the same time.

At this point, we spied a young woman walk past, wearing a t-shirt with the bat-signal.

In an attempt to cheer her up, I said “Hey Zaltu. Look! Its Batman!”

And Sinister pipes up with:

“Really mum? Why isn’t it Batgirl? Isn’t Batgirl your fave?”

Holy shitballs, minions. The Spawnling was absolutely correct.

Not only had I fallen into the stereotypical trap of thinking only of Batman, but I had also completely ignored that I, a female, was pointing out to my Spawnling, a female, a bat-shirt worn by A FEMALE.

Nevermind the fact that Barbara Gordon is so much better than Bruce.

So yes. I was wrong. Sinister was right. And I was schooled.

But I can’t help feeling that my parenting was the winner after all. Equality has a chance in the next generation.

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