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I have the Power!! DIY Solar Eclipse Viewer

partial solar eclipse

In years gone by (a looooong time ago, minions), people believed that evil things happened during eclipses.

The Vikings believed their Sky Wolves were chasing the Sun and the Moon, sometimes even catching them. The delicious snack was an eclipse. Apparently.

In Vietnam, it’s a very hungry frog out for the chase. And the only way to bring back the celestial body is to make LOTS OF NOISE!! Bang on those pots! Scream your head off!! Slam that door!! Hmm, Zaltu’s already on top of that.

Of course, the more scientifically minded understand what’s happening. With a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. With a Solar Eclipse, the Moon is the go-between, casting a shadow on the Earth plunging it into darkness and mayhem, allowing evil to reign once more!!

Or so they say.

Partial Solar Eclipse 2014

Since there is only a partial solar eclipse in Australia and Antarctica today, I guess that means there will only be a little Evil unleashed on the world? Quasi-evil perhaps?

For those in Australia interested in watching, prepare yourselves for the Second Coming (or thirty-third – I’ve lost count). Do NOT look at the Sun. It’s only a partial eclipse and will blind you by forever burning the image of EG Dad’s bulging pecs into your retina (yes, there are worse ways to go, but imagine the torment of forever seeing his pecs and not being able to touch them – well, shut up and think up your own torment!).

There is a safe way to view – a pin-hole camera.


DIY Solar Eclipse Cardboard Viewer

Get two pieces of cardboard (flaps from a box, backs of paper tablets).

With a pin or pencil point, poke a small hole in the center of one piece (no bigger than the pin or pencil point).

Take both pieces in your hand and stand with your back to the sun.
In one hand, hold the piece with the pinhole; place the other piece (the screen) behind it.

The sunlight will pass through the pinhole and form an image on the screen.
br />
Adjust the distance between the two pieces to focus and change the size of the image. You can even place the viewing-screen piece on the ground and adjust accordingly.

Solar eclipse viewer

This is our view box – clouds were added bonus

What time should you venture out for such dark magic? It’s supposed to happen between 4pm and 6pm. It should start around 4.15pm in Sydney – adjust your time zone accordingly. Or just listen out for Zaltu’s rendition of Return of Sol.

And remember – do not look directly at the Sun. EG Dad pecs and stuff.

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