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One cough at a time

Come closer. I can’t talk very well at the moment. A little closer. Just a little.

*cough*  *splutter*  *wheeze*  *cough*

Nothing better than germ warfare.

Seriously though, I’ve been absolutely sick for the last 2 weeks. And I am so over it. Just before the seasonal “time off work” period at the end of the year, Nefarious became suspiciously affectionate. It should have been obvious to me. Nefarious asking for cuddles, and the robot in the corner “DANGER!! DANGER, EG MUM!!” But no. I weakened. I encouraged some down-time, thinking that perhaps he was starting to realise what a great team we make.

Evil spawnling.

Within a matter of days, I’m sniffling myself. And coughing. Oh, the coughing. Straight to my chest to dirty salsa on my lungs.

But, in the loving EG way, I shared my germs with Sinister. By Boxing Day, he too was sounding like a 6-pack a day jazz singer from Chicago. Share the pain.

Now, any suckers out there with kids will know that it doesn’t end there. Oh no, that would be kind of boring. Especially over this glorious “celebration” time, with EG Dad at home as well.

Nefarious senses my improving health; starts sniffling and sneezing all over me with cuddles. Lovely. Sinister fears he is missing out on my torture, so he starts coughing all over me. Even EG Dad wants in on the action, and *begs* me to join him late at night for a little LEGO Wii Lord of the Rings action. BEGS me, I tell you! How can I resist his offers of being Gimli for a bit of dwarf-tossing?

All this happening, while my cough gradually intensifies. And now I see the goal for their unified action.

I can’t talk.

Evil. All three of them. I now can’t argue with them; tell them off for interfering with my plans; and somewhere along the line I’ve strained my knee so I can’t even chase them out of my lair!!

So if you are wondering where I am, and why the world is still standing – now you know. I’m recovering from Germ Warfare within my own camp.

I’m struggling to get back on top of the blog, but I’ll be back at it soon. Doc’s surgery opens next week, and I’ll be all drugged up for evil.

What will we do in the meantime? Fortunately we have an awesome collection of classic films (Superman, Goonies, Star Wars), a new Wii game (Pokemon), and lots of LEGO. Lots of LEGOThere’s a blog post in that.

I also have a few apps, games, and cool inventions that popped up recently. With Sinister off from school, we have plenty of opportunities for evil. And of course, there are the aspiring minions out there, hoping for a chance at the Evil Genius Parent Awards.

Stay tuned, and I recommend some lemon and honey tea. And don’t talk. And don’t let your family know your weakness.

*cough*  *splutter*

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Evil Genius Mum
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    1. Thanks Wendy. Normally I hate taking any drugs (aren’t all evil genius control freaks?) but even Sinister is asking when I’m heading to the doctor. Ssshhh, don’t tell him I can’t wait either! Then I’ll be right as rain!


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