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Evil Genius Parent Award #15

Yep. Today is Tuesday.

Yep. The day after Monday.

Well, some crazy idea is floating around that if you are on your best behaviour, some fat freaky guy will give you a present. So, of course – the gullible minions have fallen for this trick. Makes it pretty difficult to find anyone worthy of the Evil Genius Parent Award.

That is, until today.

This morning, millions of parenting minions all banded together to exhibit an act of Evil Genius Parenting – an act that is passed down from generation to generation (predominantly in Western Christian civilization, but can be found in other households that like to do things for shits and giggles).

Millions of parents attempted to sleep-in an extra 15mins knowing that their kids were about to spontaneous self-combust with anticipation for the presents sitting in the loungeroom.

If you stayed in bed an extra 5mins, good for you. Try harder next year.

If you played dumb and scored an extra 10mins, then consider this your honorary mention.

But if you were able to resist the begging, the yelling, the tearing-your-eyelids-open-while-knees-in-chest approach and score 15mins or more, then CONGRATULATIONS!! This week’s Evil Genius Parent Award is yours!

Back in my own spawnling days, my EG Grandpa was once found hiding on the trampoline outside (in North Queensland, Aust). Took us half an hour to find the dodgy ol’ bastard before we were even allowed touch the presents.

Tell us about your accomplishment in the comments today – Share your skills and exactly how much extra schnuggling you had under the covers.

Anyone up before 6am is pathetic and is relegated to minion clean-up duty for the new year.

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