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Inaugural Evil Genius Parent Award

It is important… Nay, essential… for parents to be one step ahead of their children. That is even more apparent in the work of an Evil Genius.

To encourage you all to reach your Evil Genius Potential, I have decided to acknowledge the great efforts of my servants with the


Once a week, on the most evil day of all (yes, that would be MONDAY), I will share with you a story of pure evil genius from another parent – reminding us all how to stay at least one step ahead of our kids – at least until they are ready to be handed their crowns.

But first, just before I was preparing for this announcement, I had planned on the following tweet being this week’s winner – but he was pipped at the post by a Facebook Status Update. Nevertheless, for an honourable mention:

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Extra points would have been gained trying this with mashed peas – let us know how it goes (SA readers not included – they eat pie floaters on a regular basis, thus cancelling out the evilness of this).

But this week’s winner is: NAOMI Z!!

“funniest thing today – watching W (3yo) try to lick cupcake batter off his elbow :P”

Unsure about the level of evilness with this – try licking your own elbow. Now picture a sweet, innocent-looking mum watching on as her young 3yo son sincerely tries this task.

Congratulations Naomi and Mad Dog McGillicuddy for your contributions to Evil Genius Parenting! Share your evil genius with us and be recognised by the Evil Genius Community!

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