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Nefarious is not just learning…

I love those moments when I am watching Nefarious in action, and those 30 seconds or so before the unsuspecting victim realises they have been duped… by a 3 year old. Brilliant. So proud.

So, we’re at Nefarious’ sporty activities (Sport is a great way to take over the world – seriously: fun; passion; outrageous mascots) and I am watching from the sidelines. Today’s sport is cricket. Essential sport, I say. Have you seen Shaun of the Dead?

Anyway, I digress. Nefarious is playing cricket – practicing his batting. Hitting a ball with a cricket bat, off a tee, across the room. According to the teacher, he is to hit 4 balls across the room, then wait until she tells them all to collect.

The girl next to Nefarious hits the ball across the room, and then DEMANDS the teacher collect it for her now. Nefarious watches this – observes how the teacher politely tells the young girl “No. You will collect them yourself. I will not do it for you.” And the young girl settles.

Nefarious decides otherwise. He hits his ball directly at the teacher. Perfect shot. And the teacher laughs, “Nice shot, kid. Now try aiming across the room” and gives the ball back to him.

Nefarious pauses… and then hits the ball AT the teacher again. Of course, more laughter and the teacher comments again “Not at me, silly!” before giving the ball back to him.

Nefarious pauses…

And then hits the ball AT the teacher AGAIN. Of course, more laughter ensues… and then the teacher goes quiet, as she stops to think – No, he isn’t doing it on purpose… is he?

So she holds the ball, and tells Nefarious to try again.

Nefarious pauses…

And then turns, to aim at the OTHER teacher across the room… And hits the next ball at THAT teacher! Of course, THAT teacher bends down, collects the ball and laughs at Nefarious – “hahaha – good shot kid. Now, let’s try across the hall.”

At which point, the first teacher cracks up laughing. She casually walks over to the 2nd teacher and starts to explain to him that she, too, was duped by a 3yo.

As both teachers turn to watch Nefarious carefully, Nefarious realises he has been made. He sighs with a certain level of resolution, and continues with his class.

I, in the meantime, am almost choking as I struggle to stifle my laugh. I’m just so proud – learning how to manipulate people to do your bidding, and they want to!!

*sniff* My boys are not just learning anymore. They are practicing.

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