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Round 5: Sinister v EG Mum

Well, that was something I hadn’t planned on for my holidays.

Giving the trumpet a bath.

No. That’s not a euphonium, or a euphemism.

Let’s just take a step back first.

If you are new to the blog, you may not know my parenting style or life purpose. In summation, I am sharing all the life skills for my spawnlings to take over the world. 

Not just the standard things: reading; writingrisk-taking

I’m talking about achieving personal goals. And understanding people. Often combining the two.

So when Sinister told me he wanted to clean his trumpet, I considered this part of ‘achieving personal goals’. School goes back this week and I admire his desire to be organised for it.

And yes – I knew he would ask for help. Some life lessons do require active guidance.

But giving a trumpet a bath? I’m talking genuinely putting the plug in the bath, running luke-warm water, disassembling the trumpet (THAT was his job), and then submersing the instrument.

And just for a snide extra, Sinister whispered over my shoulder, “how’s that, Sonic? Did she get the temp right for you?”

I had the distinct feeling of being played. And not with a sweet melody.

Despite all my intention to conquer the world, and train the spawnlings to inherit it (when I’m ready), I’m also lazy.

So, if I have been convinced to join in the ‘bathing of the trumpet’… You have to admire his understanding of people. 

I just hope he understands next time his trumpet needs a bath, I’m taking it to a professional with HIS pocket money.

Now, does anyone know how to clean a glockenspiel?

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