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EGP Award #48

Being an Evil Genius Parent is hard work. And sometimes, it’s the EG Parenting part that wears you out. Constantly thinking of entertainment that doesn’t lead to scorched earth and decontamination suits. So Award #48 (because let’s face it – my weekly updates have been a bit outside of … […]

I Want… My C64 Back

Do you want to know my ultimate weakness? Well, no. Chocolate is more of a dietary requirement. I’m talking LEGO games. Primarily Travellers Tales on the Wii/Wii U console. I have them all – Batman (1&2); Indie; Marvel, and so forth… All except Star Wars. Because that sucked. Hard. I […]

One Convention at a Time

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! EG Inc went to Supanova! And we’re now approved by Stan Lee! If ever you want to see the collective effort of social rejects to somehow band together and fit in, go to a Convention. NERDS UNITE AND DEFEND YOUR GEEKDOMS!! Be […]

EGP Award #47 – Stan Lee

To be an Evil Genius, parent or otherwise, you need vision. You need to be able to predict the future, by understanding human behaviour and knowing how to manipulate them. As a parent, this is ESPECIALLY important. Think back to all the times your mum busted you just as you […]