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One Bottle at a Time

“If you tell me the truth now, you’ll be in a lot less trouble than if I find out you lied later on.”

It was quite clear that Sinister and Nefarious had been using their super-intelligent powers for evil, and for that I was very very proud.

But I needed to know who had launched the LEGO trebuchet so that the perpetrator could tell me where the last cluster bomb of loom bands had landed. And I needed to know before Zaltu found the bands with her gummy little mouth.

“Okay boys, let me tell you a story.

You know NSW has a Premier? A big politician boss who’s supposed to be the decision-maker for people in New South Wales?”

“Well, he just got busted for lying.”

“Yep, he did a stupid thing and lied to a group of hungry lawyers and judges.”

“And you know what? If he had just told the truth – sure, he would have been told off, and there would have been some uncomfortable questions. But then they would have worked with him to fix the situation.”

“What did he do?”

“He accepted a bottle of wine from another man. Albeit a very nice and very expensive bottle of wine, but when he accepted it – and wrote a very nice thankyou note with it, – he was letting this other guy know that he would help him out instead of doing his proper job as Premier. And the Premier felt guilty, which meant he did the wrong thing.”

“A bottle of wine? That’s all? He didn’t blow anyone up or lay out a LEGO minefield in front of the toilet, or anything?!?”

“Nope. But then he lied about it. And they caught him out because of evidence. That’s stuff they found that shows he lied.”

“So now he has lost his job and nobody trusts or believes him anymore. Which is a lot worse than if he had just told the truth.”

“So, in light of this lesson, is there anything you want to tell me about the trebuchet and the cluster bomb?”

Sinister: “It was me.”

“Thankyou. And why are you telling me the truth now?”

“Because I used my glow in the dark bands, and the lesson I have learnt today is find out what evidence you have; then tell the truth for that evidence.”


Perfect lesson learnt

Thank you, Mr O’Farrell. Your exit from Parliament wasn’t a complete dismal failure.

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