Evil Genius Protesting: Fun With Flags

Trump was at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) last Friday. No surprise there.

There was flag-waving at this Good Ol’ U S of A event. Again, no surprise.

But did anyone have a good look at those flags? 

Image courtesy of The Independent

Yessiree minions! That’s the Russian flag!!

It took a few minutes (enough for some photography and social media) before CPAC officials noticed the problem. You know. Flag waving. It’s a constitutional right or something, isn’t it?

Word is, the flags were handed out by two protesters dressed just like all the other Conservatives there. How devious! Because we all know only the extremists/criminals/uneducated/uncivilised/unpatriotic/ etc would dare defy Hair Fuhrer (thanks to Shiri for that name). 

From Twitter user @deeinhouston

Protest level: Evil Genius

Maybe the aides should add The Big Bang Theory to Trumps “Calm Down Time”. Never before have we needed a spin-off so much. 

Too Many Monkeys in the Political Circus

It is going to be a long day, while the world waits for the outcome of the US election. 

It’s easy enough if you’re outside the US to claim “not my circus, not my monkeys”, but let’s be honest. The President of the United States is pretty influential over the rest of the planet. Whatever the outcome, those monkeys are flinging poo at all of us. 

And while I’m eagerly listening out for updates, I am SAHP with EG Zaltu as well. I need a distraction from checking the interwebs every 5min.

So, Zaltu pulled out Too Many Monkeys, a kids tabletop game that seems highly relevant to today. 

Too Many Monkeys is a card game from Game Wright, for 2-6 players. The box says for ages 6yo+, but Zaltu hands me my butt regularly in this game. If they can count, they’ll pick up all the other cards fairly quick. 

Each player starts with six cards face down. They take it in turns drawing cards, looking for the monkeys. When you find a numbered monkey, you substitute it for the face-down card in the equivalent position in front of you. 

There are other cards to help or hinder; Wild Orang Utans are the wild cards and can move around your cards as required, giraffes and elephants are trying to join the party, raccoons raid the trash for any monkeys you need, Skip cards are the bane of my gameplay, and Do Not Disturb can turn any card face down again. 

At the beginning of each round, the winner of the last round removes one card from their face-down collection. Eventually players work their way down to one card, and the Monkey Champion!

It’s a great game for spawnlings, from 3yo Zaltu up to 10yo Sinister and even grumpy Ol’ EG Mum.

And if nothing else, it gives me a happier distraction while I wait for the other monkeys to sort their s….tuff out.

Have a close look at the box and you’ll see the wear-and-tear that comes from years of love and use. This was a gift from friends almost 5 years ago. It has travelled to Borneo, Queensland, and New Zealand. No payment or sponsorship for this one!!

If you like the game reviews, stay tuned–I have just returned from PAX Aust and have some awesome games to share very soon!

One Bottle at a Time

“If you tell me the truth now, you’ll be in a lot less trouble than if I find out you lied later on.”

It was quite clear that Sinister and Nefarious had been using their super-intelligent powers for evil, and for that I was very very proud.

But I needed to know who had launched the LEGO trebuchet so that the perpetrator could tell me where the last cluster bomb of loom bands had landed. And I needed to know before Zaltu found the bands with her gummy little mouth.

“Okay boys, let me tell you a story.

You know NSW has a Premier? A big politician boss who’s supposed to be the decision-maker for people in New South Wales?”

“Well, he just got busted for lying.”

“Yep, he did a stupid thing and lied to a group of hungry lawyers and judges.”

“And you know what? If he had just told the truth – sure, he would have been told off, and there would have been some uncomfortable questions. But then they would have worked with him to fix the situation.”

“What did he do?”

“He accepted a bottle of wine from another man. Albeit a very nice and very expensive bottle of wine, but when he accepted it – and wrote a very nice thankyou note with it, – he was letting this other guy know that he would help him out instead of doing his proper job as Premier. And the Premier felt guilty, which meant he did the wrong thing.”

“A bottle of wine? That’s all? He didn’t blow anyone up or lay out a LEGO minefield in front of the toilet, or anything?!?”

“Nope. But then he lied about it. And they caught him out because of evidence. That’s stuff they found that shows he lied.”

“So now he has lost his job and nobody trusts or believes him anymore. Which is a lot worse than if he had just told the truth.”

“So, in light of this lesson, is there anything you want to tell me about the trebuchet and the cluster bomb?”

Sinister: “It was me.”

“Thankyou. And why are you telling me the truth now?”

“Because I used my glow in the dark bands, and the lesson I have learnt today is find out what evidence you have; then tell the truth for that evidence.”


Perfect lesson learnt

Thank you, Mr O’Farrell. Your exit from Parliament wasn’t a complete dismal failure.