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The Smell of Fear

The spawnlings have been genetically enhanced. They can smell weakness at 50 paces.


However, if they think a damaged knee is weakness, then they need further education.

Many moons ago, EG Grandma broke her leg in 3 places, all around the ankle. She was in a cast for about 2 months or so, from toe to just below the hip. Only able to move with the aid of crutches.

And stuck with 4 kids alone on an army base. 15, 11, 3, and baby.

Of course, we thought we could smell weakness.

The eldest made the first move. She thought EG Grandma could not stop her walking out to meet friends.


Just as Big Sis approached the front door, EG Grandma skimmed one of her crutches across the floor and ankle-tapped her.

When I replay that image in my mind, I hear the “thwok thwok” sound. That day I learnt never to underestimate the genius of my mother. And I knew exactly what kind of parent I would one day be.

By the way, the 3 yo and I knew how to outsmart EG Grandma. Wait until she’s feeding the baby, then the 3yo crawls in to steal the crutches. Once he delivered them to me, I hid them on top of the fridge – just high enough for her to see but unable to reach.

So if my spawnlings think they can take me on…


Where’s my crutch?

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