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Hail to the Bacon

“I love when we have vegetarian meals with bacon;

It’s like ‘Screw you, vegetarians!”

EG Dad


This week is Bacon Week in Australia.


Seriously. No, I’m not kidding you. But imagine this – if there was ever a way to take over the world, bacon would be it.

It is… The Gateway Meat.

Cooked just right, the smell alone can convert many vegetarians to the path of carnivorous wisdom. I have known a few who have claimed to be vegetarians except for the odd bacon burger (albeit, they are weak-minded from lack of protein and iron…)

EG Inc has one stead-fast family tradition: once a week is pancake day. Although it may change between Saturday and Sunday, for one day on the weekend breakfast is served with as many pancakes as you can eat – and a side serving of bacon. Drowning in Maple Syrup. Yes, the bacon.

We have delayed/rescheduled/travelled with/excused ourselves from many  early morning weekend events for this simple act of bonding.

But a whole week? That’s just brilliant!

Oh yeah, if you’re a vegetarian reading this, you may want to click away now. If you haven’t already figured that out. And if the latter is correct, go eat a hamburger and start rebuilding the protein connectors in your brain. Surely if you’re still with us, then you too have submitted to the Gateway Meat.

But back to celebrating a Week of Bacon.

What to do? What to DO?

I’m tempted by many things – bacon and egg sandwiches every day (done); bacon for breakfast (I’ll save that for the weekend); Fettuccine Cabonara; Chicken Mignon.

All of these seem so … ordinary. Too ordinary for a special event.

So, I have an idea! I’m going to make a quiche – with a lattice bacon base. That’s right – no pastryPastry is for pansies.

I’m yet to finalise the details. I’m thinking of cooking this tomorrow night (Friday), and I will edit this post with pics of my resounding success!

But I am always open to suggestions from my minions – if you have attempted the same, please share your recipe here. Let’s consider it a joint offering to the Bacon Gods.

Apple Bacon Pie

In the meantime, EG Dad has pointed me in the direction of this tantalising Bacon and Apple Pie.

Maybe for dessert?

Have a happy and delicious Bacon Week, Australia. Methinks this is worthy of a world tour.



Not a sponsored post. I wish – could you imagine how much bacon we would devour as sponsorship for this post? Hey, bacon dudes? Hear that! I can be bought with bacon!!

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