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Evil Genius Parent Award #4

Evil Genius Inc survived the school holidays. And no-one was maimed, injured, or killed. Yes, the spawnlings DID make someone else vomit but as Evil Genius Grandma says, “that just made it better”.

Of course, school holidays provide a plethora of opportunities to express your Evil Genius. But no matter how the story started, each discussion ended with the same statement: “But Daylight Savings? On the last day of school holidays? That’s just evil!!”

So, I’m breaking from previous examples, and granting this week’s Evil Genius Parent Award to someone that I don’t know but can still admire for their evilness.

Well done, to the sick bastard who thought it was a great idea starting Daylight Savings on the LAST DAY of school holidays.

Brilliant – trick all lazy parents to think that they are getting a sleep-in; weaken the resolve of small children by messing with feeding and sleeping times; and confuse the energy levels of young school children so that they are an emotional mess just before returning to teachers who may not be ready for them just yet!


If you know this wonderful person, who made this fantastic decision, please send them to my office immediately to collect this week’s award. Then you can have whatever is left.


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    1. She’s living in denial. Something about social etiquette requirements for future retirement villages or something. She’s more afraid of one day moving in with us.


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