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Evil Genius Parent Award #2

In our second week of the Evil Genius Parent Awards, I am proud to see so many minions striving to emanate true evil genius parenting.

With a range of examples – from restaurant playgrounds,  to convincing your child to wear pants, the winner is truly inspirational. The idea is simple, entertaining, and best of all – humiliating. And although not his idea directly, the idea of him following this with his own children is enough.

Congratulations to 3AM DAD!!

“Starting to think about Halloween. Great idea.” –


With Halloween just over a month away, I’m curious to see if anyone can beat this. Bring it.

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Evil Genius Mum

Evil Genius Mum
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    1. Anyone who is following my blog, facebook profile or snickering at the tweets can enter. 3AM Dad is a blog I’ve picked up about a month ago, and have shared a few thoughts with him. Evil is not limited to my circle (as evil as it may be) – but it IS easier to catch my attention that way. I am a busy Evil Genius Mum, remember.


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