EG Parent Award #65

I am in a fair amount of pain, with a suspected broken wrist (scaphoid fracture). 

Right now, I have a lot of empathy for any parent who is suffering. Broken bones, gastro bouts, head lice… 

But nothing beats Children Live Action Shows.

They are loud. They are bright. They are full of spawnlings. 

If you bought the tickets yourself, then you deserve the torture. 

However some EG Grandparents are wily and take karmic parenting retribution in to their own hands.

I know – I was threatened with Wiggle tickets a few years back. I was extremely grateful when gastro saved EG Inc from that disaster.

If you can’t avoid it, at least we now have a Survival Guide, thanks to EG Parent Award recipient, Karen.

Full of coping mechanisms and impact reduction methods, Karen’s advice will improve your chances of making it out alive. 
And if all else fails, at least you’ll have a good idea of what lies ahead. 


One Exhibition Show at a Time

Every town has one.

That opportunity for the ‘country-folk’ to come and show the ‘city slickers’ how to milk a purse.

Oh, how I love to watch the carnies take advantage of the fresh meat. And make some money. The flashy lights and showtime sounds feed the materialistic troll inside us like a shot of sherbet sugar straight to the vein.

The greatest trick of any show is coming out with your wallet in your pocket, but the spawnlings still smiling.

Second greatest trick is having the spawnlings interested in something other than rides and showbags.


Third greatest trick – NOT choking the living shit out of every annoying carnie with the craptastic plastic provided in the showbags, designed to last one carnie choke only.



Of course, shows aren’t just about watching Carnies be entertained by common folk. There’s craft and food … and stuff.





There are rides. And there are show bags.


And if you add food to that equation, make sure you do the rides first.