Find Your Way With Moana In The Hour of Code

Last year, the Hour of Code Awakened with a Star Wars activity. The year before, kids were Frozen to their computers with coding and game development. In 2016, Disney has come to the party yet again; this time helping kids Wayfinding with code.


Right now I should be typing up a proposal for my spawnlings’ school, encouraging them to participate in Hour of Code this year. It doesn’t really matter what the school says; we’re doing it anyway. I just want to use the fancier computers at school with their internet connection, rather than my own.

It really shouldn’t be such a hassle—Hour of Code has been running for four years now, starting with a mere 70 public schools in the United States. Now they are international, with a plethora of activities available on their website: Star Wars, Frozen, Minecraft, Gumball, and much more.

This morning they announced this year’s big partnership with Disney’s Moana in Hour of Code: Wayfinding with Code.

Like Star Wars and Frozen in previous years, Wayfinding with Code is aimed at kids aged 8yo and up as an introduction to computer science. It’s available in multiple languages, is totally free online, and comes with a digital toolkit for parents/educators/organisers.

And yes, it is a big advertisement for the upcoming movie release. And I’m okay with that. I’m already in love with the movie. You don’t even have to ask about the kids.

Back to the coding! The activity itself is in the same “drag-and-drop” style popular with young budding coders. Students are asked to help move Moana and Maui across the sea, leading Moana’s people to new lands. The coding starts out with the basic commands, moving the boat in logic sequences.


Just as the kids start to get the hang of the commands, Moana and Maui are ambushed by the adorable little Kakamora. This is where the coding takes on the next step in a dodgeball-style, and to be honest, it looks like the most fun!


Hour of Code is happening all around the world, from December 5 to December 9, 2016. You don’t have to do it with a school. You can find someone near you already set up to go (search through the Hour of Code website). Or you can organise your own event at home with a couple of friends. All the information you need is available on the Hour of Code website, they even have a toolkit ready to go to help you along.

No matter which option you use, having fun with coding is always a win in my book. Now show me what you can do with an Hour of Code!


This post was originally published on GeekMom. EG Inc is participating in the Hour of Code, with a different coding activity every day this week. Share your project ideas in the comments!

Dressin’ Up A Cast

If you’re a regular minion, you may recognise my usual uniform:

Geek shirt: check

Jeans: check

Lab Coat: check

Moustache: check

Clearly fashion is not one of my strengths. Consider the fashion industry exempt from my plans for world domination.

And yet the physio/doc asked ME to choose the colour for the cast on my freshly fractured wrist.

“Uhhhh… Ahhhh… BLUE!”

Why the hesitation? Why would I care about colour?

Because tomorrow night I’m attending the premiere for Disney’s The Jungle Book, in full ‘red carpet’ mode.

I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I am making here for y’all minions.

I’m going to wear … A Dress.

Photo: Evil Genius Mum

Oh, and side note: that’s my dominant hand in the cast. I can’t even do my usual ponytail, let alone fancy-schmancy stuff. I have to go to the hairdressers.

The good news is I will be reviewing The Jungle Book over at GeekMom/GeekDad on 4 April. I’m also scheduled in with a Q&A with Jon Favreau plus any other geeky celebs in attendance.

I’m even dragging Sinister along as Crew.

So stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for updates! It should be an interesting night!

In the meantime, here’s the official trailer.

Update: Review is in over at GeekDad.

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One Sith Lord at a Time

What is it about the bad guys that is just so good?

Image courtesy of Disney

Image courtesy of Disney

Disney just released a bunch of new characters and discs for their Disney Infinity range; more specifically the Disney Infinity 3.0

Now, while I wasn’t on the original bandwagon for the Infinity game, I am slowly converting over. Helps after playing a bit and talking a bit with the Disney guys at PAX Australia 2015 (you can read my reviews over at GeekMom). There is some real potential with this set. And where Skylanders seems to be on its way out with the spawnlings, Disney Infinity definitely seems to be growing in popularity.

Especially when they have the ownership of characters from Tron, Marvel, Pixar, and, of course, Star Wars.

Image courtesy of Disney

Image courtesy of Disney

While shopping today, Sinister was overly pleased to hear of my seduction to the dark side. Really really pleased. Like, started to expand his Ninjamas Wishlist. However, he wasn’t totally convinced that I was sold on the whole Disney Infinity thing.

And then he pointed out Darth Maul to me.

Again: What is it about the bad guys that is just so damn good?

Darth Maul wasn’t even a good bad guy. Let’s face it – <spoilers> he was sliced in half, brought back to life with ‘other legs’ and then died again. Like, dude – pull it together.

But he has a very sexy double-bladed Lightsaber. Coming from the person who loved the joh in Jiu-Jitsu, this was damn sexy.

And to be frank, I’m not totally convinced that the dark side is really the bad side. That might just be the EG in me, but there are times where the manipulation and the whining of the Jedi bore me to tears.

So yes – I am converting to Disney Infinity. I am willing to sit down and play it with the spawnlings.

And it took the weird ‘tattooed lady’ Sith, Darth Maul to seduce me.

Can’t wait to see the new characters when “The Force Awakens” is released.