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EG Parent Award #57

Cosplay. I love it. The Spawnlings love it. And I would be lying if I didn’t say I was totally surprised by the enthusiasm of EG Dad when he expressed how much he loves it.

Tho15003-Best-Part-Of-Being-Over-40ugh, in hindsight – I shouldn’t have been surprised. This is the guy who turned up at the cinema with EG Bell (his sister) dressed as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. For the premiere of Independence Day at the movies.

Yes, they completely embarrassed their friends. Yes, they had a great time. No, there are no photos (it was even before me).

But tonight’s award is not about EG Dad. That would be a tad unfair and ‘un-sportsman-like’, considering the outrageous advantage he has over all of you (NB: Me).

Tonight’s award is for another parent. A parent who not only supports her spawnling in their quest for cosplay fandom, but is happy to take upon the role of “prop holder” and “lesser-known movie character”. A parent who understands the need for simplicity to be able to afford the support for the family. A parent who has no problem hearing “your daughter looks great, but who are you? … Who? … Never heard of them” because THEY KNOW THEIR GEEKDOM, YOU TRY-HARD!!


On your left is Jen. Doesn’t she look awesome! For the uninitiated, Jen is cosplaying Arrietty from the Miyazaki film of The Secret World of Arrietty (based on the book The Borrowers).

On your right, is her spawnling and spawnling’s friend, cosplaying Kiki and Tonbo – from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Apparently, everyone knew who THEY were. But poor Jen was asked all the time. Seriously? Sure, it was a smaller convention, outside of your usual big cities – but damn! Jen’s outfit is spot on.

Yes, given the other two looked pretty good too… but still!

The thing is, Jen was telling me about how much fun the spawnlings had making the costumes (as did Jen). It was a real opportunity to shop around, fine-tune their creativity and learn some new skills. As with anything, there is always one particular item that is really hard to get, but totally makes the cosplay that when you find it – you can’t stop pointing it out. In this case, it was Kiki’s red radio. Complete with song to play whenever they felt like it. THAT is the personal touch that I love.

So Jen – you are this week’s EG Parent Award recipient. And may you find many more reasons to push your spawnling into the limelight (and hopefully embarrass them along the way).

Bring out your cosplay!! It’s time we started looking at cosplay inspiration again! Share your ideas, and any cool tips you learnt along the way!

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  1. Thanks EG Mum. Kiki and Tonbo got a kick out of seeing themselves on your blog. And now I have some evidence (an award no less!) to prove to them that I really am an Evil Genius! Bwa ha ha ha! They thought I was making that up.


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