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Big Hero 6

From what I am hearing, this is going to be the movie of Holidays.

Of course, it has yet to open in Australia. Not until Boxing Day.

Which is driving many minions insane. But not me. Oh no.

This is a great bargaining tool for the spawnlings. All I did was tell them how much GeekMom loved it (and Corrina Lawson raved about it) and they were hooked.

What’s it about, mum?

Robots. And it’s animated.

Yeah!! We are seeing THAT!!

And here is where Nefarious shines, in all his 5 years of glorious infamy.

His teacher asked me about “some movie called Big Hero 6.”

So I told her what I told Nefarious.

And she said “That’s what he said. But somehow, he said it in a way that has convinced the ENTIRE class to see it in Boxing Day.”

That’s my boy. I reckon if he sets up a lemonade stand outside the cinema, he’d convince them to buy that too.

And I can’t think of many professions more evil than marketing.


Have you seen Big Hero 6? No spoilers!

Have you ever had someone else’s enthusiasm completely sell you on the product?

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