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Evil Genius Parent Award #10

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Tonight. For your entertainment. We have … not one.. but TWO recipients for the Evil Genius Parent Award. With a tip… a very simple, and yet essential tip that will reap the greatest shits-and-giggles in the lead-up to the shittiest-and-giggliest season of them all.

Summer Holidays.

Oh yeah. And Christmas.

This SAME tip comes from two lovely, and slightly very insane ladies.

Wow I am impressed and I thought not only teaching the nephews how to put batteries in their toys and also where mummy kept the batteries and how to open new packets was up there on the scale of evil but he really does deserve the award.

{Dominique F, in response to Daddown Under receiving EGP Award #8}


That’s brilliant. Though Dad did teach me to always give the cousins’ kids EXTRA batteries to be hid in their rooms for when the current ones go missing – and showing them how to put them in :o)

{Megan D, in response to Dominique F on Facebook}

Important note: Neither of these ladies are mothers. They are “The Cool Aunts” – which means they apply Evil Genius (Para-)Parenting techniques.

However, never fear!! Just because you are the Parents does not mean you are relegated to be on the receiving end of this tip!


Just wait for that prime time during the silly season when one of the family members (like, say… The Cool Aunt) wants to baby-sit. Then make sure that your kids have a really noisy toy to take with them.

And extra batteries.

And the ability to open said packet of extra batteries.

Noisiest and Crappiest Battery-Operated Toy
And Probably Cheapest – Perfect.

EG Grandma has just rescinded her offer for the spawnlings to visit during Summer.


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