The Fan Who Found Me

I am not surprised the spawnlings abandoned me for the NERF exhibit at Sydney Supanova last weekend. To be perfectly honest, I would have been disappointed if they hadn’t.

Supnova Sydney 2017 NERF

But it was at that precise moment, without spawnling or security blanket, I was found at my most vulnerable…

While I watched all three of them bound into the play area, with NERF guns as big as them, a man dressed in black tapped me on the shoulder.

“Look up there, and you’ll see yourself on the television.”

Sure enough, I looked up and spotted an advertisement for Zedtown, the NERF Zombie War RPG event. I had reviewed the media day Zedtown for GeekMom (TL;dr – it was awesome. But now you must go to GeekMom and check out the photos).

Zedtown Preview EG Zombies

I laughed. He laughed. I said well done for recognising clean-face me at Supanova under all the zombie makeup at Zedtown. He said, “Hey, can I guess the school your kids go to?”

Nothing makes your stomach drop like hearing a stranger refer to your spawnlings personal details.

“…, uhhhhh… sure… what makes you think…”

“Oh, don’t worry! My girlfriend is a teacher at their school and recognised you in the tv ad. She squealed with laughter seeing you in the ad! She had no idea you were even interested in NERF Zombie wars, let alone a writer to review it!”

Minions: You have no idea of the relief that washed over my body.

Turns out, he is one of the organisers behind Zedtown (I think) and said girlfriend is one of the few teachers who has known the spawnlings since Sinister’s first day at school. And she figured I wasn’t quite like the other parents at school… She just didn’t realise how different.

It’s a fairly conservative, straight-laced kind of area. Perfect for corruption to my way of thinking, one family at a time. 😉 As a collective, they will claim to only know a few shows or books… but individually they are as much a fan of David Tennant in Broadchurch as they are of his performance in Fright Night.

So, once again, we laughed. We talked about Zedtown. We watched the spawnlings gang up on their father. Good time had by all.

And then I spent the next 12 hours, scouring every post I have ever made to ensure there is nothing about our school name in any post about the spawnlings.

Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure that teacher has now been updated on exactly how awesome we are at NERF wars.

*throws down the glove*


One Red Shirt At A Time

There are certain phrases that are music to my ears:

Mum, that’s just evil.

Honey, the kids are finally asleep.


Fine, I’ll be the Red Shirt, but only this time!!

EG Dad is partaking in NERF War with Sinister and Nefarious. Z is sleeping on my shoulder, oblivious to the noise. It would appear we DID bring the right child home.

There are certain highlights of any NERF war.

1: Older siblings hold first right for strategic manoeuvres. However, as EG Dad is also an older brother himself, it is hilarious watching him wait for Nefarious to step outside the ‘shelter’ and give Sinister the all-clear before deftly making his killshot on the ‘obvious senior officer’.

2: Unless ammo is an issue, and you are 100% confident in the accuracy of your shot, you should always ‘double-tap’. Even more skilful if you can do it close-range and standing over them – to send a message to the enemy (or just your over-achieving spawnlings).

3: Always have a designated ‘Red Shirt’. Otherwise known as grunts or younger siblings, often family warfare may lead to parents being the Red Shirts. At which point, you should remind the ‘young whipper snappers’ that Next Gen made the Red Shirts officers – and then proceed to ‘double-tap’ at close range. To send a message.

NERF Wars. It’s life lessons like these that separate the spawnlings from the minions.