EG Parent Award #59 – My Lil’ Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner. Seriously. It’s like Saturday. This Saturday.

If you haven’t organised yourself yet, you’re kind of in trouble. Or super-relaxed. In which case, I like your style.

Pumpkin carving, however, is one of those Halloweeny things you really should have thought of earlier. Because now you’re tight on time. And out of ideas. And stressing over whether the crappy idea you have scavenged from the interwebs is going to be a ‘nailed it’ nightmare for your spawnlings, ruining yet another holiday memory you so desperately were trying to create.

*sigh* Chill. I got this. There are a whole stack of stencils available online for you to start with.

For example, the official Pokemon website has provided free stencils of some of their scariest monsters, including Meowth, Duskull, Gengar, Pikachu, Sableye, and Zubaat. Sweet little score.

If you’re spawnlings are a little more Minecraft crazy, then remove the pumpkin from their heads and show them how to carve this awesome creeper instead. Details can be found with Hudson Visual.

Photo from Hudson Visual

Photo from Hudson Visual

Of course, jack-o-lanterns aren’t supposed to be too cute or popular. I also like this Cthulhu carving – simplistic in its glory. Full credit to Tony Gambone for his photo of this beauty.   Cthulhu Pumpkin

But the winner of this week’s EG Parent Award blows all the other pumpkins away. In light of the latest Star Wars trailer and because this minion included instructions (so very helpful), I give you “That’s no Pumpkin… Death Star!”

Photo courtesy of Fantasy Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Fantasy Pumpkins

Full instructions for the Death Star are found here, however you could very easily be distracted by all of their other marvels – TARDIS; Anger (from Inside Out); Dragons; you name it. It’s awesome.

Congrats to Noel Dickover at Fantasy Pumpkins. Absolutely love your work.

Evil Genius Parent Award #7 – Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en. Sure, most of us think that it is just an opportunity for Cadbury’s and Allens to make a mint *grin*. It is supposed to be a festival. Lots of ghouls, science experiments gone wrong, that sort of thing.

Gotta love the pirate skeleton in the web

With Halloween, there’s not much opportunity to really practice your evil genius. Most of the best stories have been taken, and most of the really cool stuff is expected.

So let’s ease back for a week, and instead appreciate the creative genius of those parents (and honorary parents) out there, who have made the extra effort to really work Hallowe’en up.

For me, I think it takes a special level of creative genius to design and make food that truly has the potential to turn off the people you are feeding. And you know what? If you can turn the kids off eating it despite it being junk food then wow! Kudos to you.

Which brings me to this week’s recipient: 3AM Dad. And yes – you may be familiar with 3AM Dad – he has been a previous recipient, and is definitely moving up the minion ranks.

This week, 3AM Dad has been busy making Halloween treats:

Witches broomsticks, ghostly strawberries, severed fingers, and other treats.

Particularly check out the severed fingers. They are officially enough to  some 6yo boys from the table. The choc-covered strawberries will entice them back but watch the fingers – they look divine.

So, 3AM Dad – well done on your second award! Let this be a lesson to you lesser minions!!