Forensic Fridays: The Spawnlings Are Taking Over

I know, I know.

Forensic Fridays took a weeeeeee holiday of late.

However, they are starting up again. And mostly because of Sinister (now 9yo).

We have returned to school (in fact, we are Week 3, I think), and already the EG-spawnling has received a rather hefty assignment (more on his education at a later date).

A lot of his assignments have experiments or ‘project’ elements to them. For example, the first one he will share is to build his own terrarium based on the concept of a biosphere.

Sinister is not the only one in full-on project mode. Nefarious has his own obsession happening: He wants to build a Lego Empire State Building. We’re not talking some little bunch of bricks in the shape of the Empire State Building either.

We’re talking research the dimensions of the Empire State Building; calculate the ratio to a workable size with Lego; calculate the number of Lego pieces required; understand the structural support required with the size; etc, etc.

And yes. We will share that one too.

So Forensic Fridays are about to start up again, in a full intensive manner – as becoming of EG Inc.

I love my little spawnlings, but they keep me on my toes.

There are going to be some new sub-headings with the Forensic Fridays for the spawnlings to share. Starting with Sinister tomorrow.


Forensic Friday #3 – Weatherman

It’s a dangerous day in Evil Genius Lair – a restless, rainy day.

LEGO dominates our lounge-room. But even today there is a certain passive approach to it. The Tank’s turret is short; the ninja’s armoury looks neat and tidy; the obstacle course for LEGO men has… flowers?!?

Desperate times require desperate measures. So today’s ‘Forensic Friday’ is about the weather and using the elemental forces to my favour… mwahahaha.

Make Your Own Thunder

  1. Blow up a balloon

    Step 1 – Blow up the Balloon

  2. Put a hand on each end of the balloon and push your hands towards each other until the balloon POPS!!

    Step 2 – Pop the Balloon… Not as easy as you think…

(Obviously this last step is hilarious to 6yo Sinister and 3yo Nefarious who then continue to do this experiment around the lair – further testing the limits of entertainment versus the limits of EG Mum’s patience…. results to come).

The lesson here – You create your own thunder because the air inside the balloon moves so fast when you pop the balloon. Same as thunder. Boom boom.

So what is so evil about this experiment? Nothing – on face value.

But now I have a whole weekend ahead me… and two young evil-genius-in-training who are all enlightened with the idea of creating loud noises in the name of science.

Aw crap.



Forensic Friday #1 – Snappy Ruler

Fridays are now “Forensic Fridays” – or “How to Avoid Forensics through your Knowledge of Science – Fridays”. Batman would be proud.

Big thanks to EG Opa for buying Sinister the “365 Science Experiments Book” … and a contribution towards the Home and Contents Insurance.

We’re starting off small. Don’t want the kids too excited too early. Today’s experiment: Snappy Ruler

  1. Take the ruler and place it so that it is half on the table and half off.
  2. Firmly hold the part of the ruler that is on the table. Use your other hand to pull up on the part of the ruler that is off the table.
  3. Let go and listen to the sound. Keep repeating this action, testing out ways to make higher and lower sounds by moving the ruler.

I then asked Sinister why he thinks this happens:

“It’s all the energy in the ruler. You flick the ruler and it puts energy in the ruler, so the ruler tries to shake the energy out.”

That’s the 6yo definition of ‘vibration’.

And of course, Sinister wants to take it a step further. So he keeps flicking it. Hard… And the ruler breaks. *sigh* Rather than waste good science-time being mad at him, I simply ask why he thinks the ruler broke.

“Well, there was too much energy in the ruler. It couldn’t handle it. So it broke. That was the best way to release the energy.”

I’m pretty sure he is talking about the snappy ruler experiment, and not The Snappy Ruler (me).

His punishment – to write a science report explaining what happened and the steps he took. Not really a punishment – more a lesson in the steps of science. And he only protested a little. Three sentences seems fair to both of us. Nefarious draws a ‘picture’. I’m pretty sure it is the ruler exploding, but his minimalist approach leaves a bit to the imagination.

While writing his report, Sinister turns and asks

“Is Lego Batman’s sonar gun like the ruler?”

He then starts asking me about vibrations, directed sound, and frequencies. Although the discussion starts innocently enough, both boys seem fascinated with police using sonic weapons against protesters. Nefarious starts to ask how many rulers need to shake in our bellies before we stop being naughty. Sinister asks how many machines would be needed to control the minions.

I suddenly see a glimpse of where these Forensic Fridays are taking my children… and I sniff back my pride and excitement, lest they see it as a moment of weakness and attack.