Kudos to Minion Kellie for telling me about this one. 

For a limited time, BBC / Doctor Who (Australia) had a full size Lego TARDIS down at Bondi Beach (Sydney).

Isn’t it beautiful? Doubly so- Lego AND Doctor Who. *sniff* I so want but considering the other Lego filling up the lair, I would be better off using the Lego bricks to build an East Wing. 

This special treat was mostly for me, and partly to promote the Doctor Who Festival in a couple of weeks (21/22 Nov). Unfortunately EG Inc is not going this year but I’m hoping to head some excellent reports from any minions who do. 

In the meantime, I will settle for every other opportunity The Doctor throws my way. 

I still want one. 

One Convention at a Time

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
EG Inc went to Supanova!
And we’re now approved by Stan Lee!

If ever you want to see the collective effort of social rejects to somehow band together and fit in, go to a Convention.


Be it a willingness to line-up for 4hrs+ for an autograph and quick spoken nicety; or the outrageous cosplay; or even just the spectacular paraphernalia. Conventions have it all.

Who’s that awesome guy? Zahan Kotwal. Best cosplay ever. He’s Misty from Pokemon, you unworthy noob.

Anywho, I wanted in on the Supanova action because of Stan “The Man” Lee. This was his last convention in Australia (the dude’s 91!!) and I was not missing the Marvel Master for anything.

Apparently, half of Australia felt the same way.


But we have already discussed that here. So why else would you go?

There were other guests: Grant Imahara; Yuri Lowenthal; John Barrowman. Though the lines for Barrowman were almost as long, so I missed out scaring him with our angel.

There were some amazing workshops: how to do zombie make-up; anything with the Weta guys.

And there were some amazing comic artists: Nicola Scott being my stand-out.

But the main appeal to me is any novelty tech stuff – like SyFy Australia’s FanCam 360. Check out the 360 on our Weeping Angel Baby Carrier Cosplay. Plenty of cosplayers got in on the action with some fantastic results.

The good: there was plenty of variety in guests, artwork, displays and interaction.

The bad: no where to sit for 5 minutes and gush over your geeky goodies.

The ugly: brought to you by some impatient geeks with no appreciation for those around them in the same boat. Had to zap one guy – twice.

Would we go again? Definitely. Though I would prefer to NOT do any autographs next time and just walk around, sharing the goods and laughs with the family who truly “gets me “. But this could be difficult.

Next con is September, and William Shatner is coming.