PAX Aust 2017: Refuel

PAX is huge. Not just as a global convention, but in Melbourne it takes up every corner of the Convention Centre. A three-day-pass feels essential to be able to see everything.

That level of “walking” takes some serious refuelling. And you don’t want to gorge yourself on any convention-centre-collection. You are in The Zone; The Geeky-Gaming Zone. Respect the zone.

Melbourne has an amazing array of food options. Downstairs from my accomodation is a 24-hour pizza shop that tastes a LOT better than I expected. Two blocks up is a beautiful health store with a plethora of muesli choices for breakfast. But none of these really feed my geeky mood. So I went a-hunting!!

Dinner: 8Bit

Geek burgers for PAX

231 Swanson Street, Melbourne

This is a corner-store burger joint, with all the atmosphere of quaint burger joint and the bonus points for geeky references.

Geek burgers for pax
Every burger is gaming related. It’s PAX-paradise!! The prices are a little daunting at first but these burgers are high value. I ordered the 1Up mushroom (with added bacon), with a side of sweet potato chips and a Nutella milkshake. It filled me from early dinner right through to late breakfast the next morning.

Geek burger for pax in Melbourne

Dessert: Nitro Lab

188 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Around the corner from 8Bit, Nitro Lab is located on Bourke Street. A small store front with street-side seating, the real highlight comes from watching them make it.

They use liquid nitrogen to chill the ice cream!!

Geek dessert for PAX in Melbourne
They have a very friendly selection from the menu: gluten-free, dairy-free, and chocolate-free… Wait. Why would you even DO that?!?

The added charm comes from the syringe of sauce you can add. A syringe! This place was made for me!! I ordered the passionfruit cheesecake with chocolate syringe.

Geek dessert for PAX in Melbourne
It was soooooooo good. I am fighting the urge to go back.

Geek dessert for PAX in Melbourne
Let me know of other geeky haunts around Melbourne, or your local geek-meet. We all need to refuel for these events.

BTW: my PAX Highlights will be over on GeekMom in a week or so. Stay tuned for updates!

Tram travel around Melbourne for PAX

Essential tram travel around Melbourne: The EG Mum Special

EB Games Expo Likes Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff


EB Games is trying to woo me to their Expo in October. If I didn’t have to travel to attend, I would seriously consider it.

They moved the EB Games Expo back to the Gold Coast. Which is all nice for them; I just can’t do the travel. So I had made my mind up not to go.

And then they sent me the PR email:


It’s the 20th anniversary of Regurgitator’s album Unit.Regurgitator-Unit.jpg

Damn, I loved that album.

And damn, I am tempted to travel for a taste of nostalgia. Teaming up with Art vs Science and 7bit Hero would be pretty darn awesome. It will be a fantastic mix of music and visual displays, and some interactive game-play with the screen behind the stage.

But you know what I want even more than a taste of their old stuff?

I want to sit down for a meal at the Green Papaya in Brisbane; the Vietnamese Restaurant started by Lien Yeomans, mother of Regurgitator singer Quan Yeomans.

Now, if there was anyone from the Regurgitator family you were going to bring out of retirement, it should be Lien. Her cooking was AMAZING! It was my favourite restaurant in all of Brisbane (just nudging out a sweet French restaurant in Coorparoo).

We’re talking some serious cuisine here, folks. I don’t remember every meal on the menu (it was at least 15 years ago!) but I do remember the Lemon Myrtle Prawns because it was the first time I fell in love with Lemon Myrtle. I love Lemon Myrtle. Even now, I love it in white chocolate. SOOOOO GOOOOD!!


If you think you can take on her recipes, have a glorious stroll through her abandoned blog—the last entry was in 2012 but the recipes are still available and the stories of her travels and experiences are worth the read.

If you are on the Gold Coast in early October, check out the EB Games Expo. Last year, they had plenty of displays for upcoming games (check out my review on GeekMom). Kirsty over at the Nintendo Booth is always a delight during the Nintendo DS workshops; I’d love to see how she’s showcasing the Switch and the new Nintendo 2DS XL coming out later this year.

In the meantime, here is a flashback for your viewing pleasure: